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Academic guidanceconfused (want to get a phd in physics )

  1. Apr 1, 2015 #1
    I had completed my b, tech and m.tech in EE in india and out of my own interest I had applied to git admitted in one of the u.s universities for studying m.s in physics . Due to some family issues I had faced a very tough time and failed in one of the subject and funally suspended from the school , Now I came back india as I thought I need some time to settle the things , Now I am completely confused and struck here . I just want to get a phd in physics and want to become a particle physicist. Could anyone help me by some information like whether I need to go back to masters or directly phd?? In u.s or any other country?? What should I do to get admission for phd degree??

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    Could you instead get a PhD in EE and perhaps transition to experimental particle physics using your EE background?
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