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I Acceleration of a Particle Because of a Wave

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    Hello all, I would like to know why an electron is accelerated in a linear accelerator because of the microwaves emitted by a magnetron?. Can someone tell me what are the relevant physics equations and what is the role of skin-effect here?
    Thanks a lot.
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    Electromagnetic waves are waves of electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields lead to a force acting on a particle. If the timing is right, this force points in flight direction.
    This has nothing to do with the skin effect.
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    ... and as you wanted a formula:
    $$\vec{F}=q \left (\vec{E}+\frac{\vec{v}}{c} \times \vec{B} \right),$$
    which is the force on a charged particle with charge ##q## in an electromagnetic field ##(\vec{E},\vec{B})##.
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