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Homework Help: Acceleration vs Time Graph

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    If a object was heading towards the orgin while slowing down. How would the a vs t graph look. I keep thinking it would be a positive acceleration line, but Im not sure wondering if anyone could clarify
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    If it is slowing down, what does that say about the acceleration?

    An a-t graph plots acceleration. It doesn't matter if the object is moving towards the origin or away from it.
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    Thats not true. Because if they gave you a x vs t graph of a object heading towards the orgin and speeding up the acceleration would still be negative because of the slope
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    What exactly do you mean by this?

    If something is speeding up, the slope of the v- t graph is positive. Hence the acceleration is positive.
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    Think of it as ball rolling down a ramp. it starts at 50m-----------ends at 0m
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    Hmmm.... maybe you mean speeding up in a negative direction?
    In that case your statement is correct.
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    so back to the question if its speed was negative and starts to slow down what would the a vs t be?
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    Maybe you're mixing up your horizontal and vertical components....
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    if the velocity is in a negative direction and it is slowing down then the acceleration is in the positive direction.
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    o ok thankyou
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