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Acceptance/rejection dates for Perimeter Scholars Institute (Canada)?

  1. Feb 6, 2012 #1
    I was wondering if anybody knew about when I should hear back from PSI? I realize the chance someone will be able to give me an answer is small, as it is not stated on their site and the course is only about 3 years old so few people have experience with it, but I was thinking that it's not unlikely people of this forum have applied in the previous years.

    Anyway, this question is of course not important; knowing the answer will do nothing but satisfy my curiosity.

    PS: it might be relevant to note that I applied somewhere around 1 dec.
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  3. Mar 8, 2012 #2
    Hi, I got an acceptance email 03/07 and was given 2 weeks to accept. If you haven't heard by now, maybe you'll hear in 2 weeks if anyone decides not to take up the offer? Good luck!
  4. Mar 8, 2012 #3
    Thanks for letting me know what's going on! (Haven't heard back yet myself)

    Maybe see you next year ;)
  5. Mar 8, 2012 #4
    Out of interest, are you applying to other Masters courses too? Or PhDs?
  6. Mar 8, 2012 #5
    Yup, also applied to Tripos III in Cambridge, to which I got accepted already. Also considering LMU and maybe even Utrecht and a wee little Imperial.

  7. Mar 8, 2012 #6
    Part III, cool! Rigorous stuff. I have friends who have gotten a lot out of it. Cambridge is a lovely place too. PSI is the only programme I applied to (risky, I know!) as I'm putting off my PhD until next year and I was worried about the lack of funding for other masters courses.
  8. Mar 8, 2012 #7
    Well it seems you scored it, congratulations :)

    I'd be glad to join you, but it seems my odds are slim since the first batch of acceptance mails has gone out... I wish I'd just know already (either way), I can't stand the waiting anymore.

    Good to hear those positive words about Part III ;)
  9. Mar 9, 2012 #8
    See you next year jell0fish, I got the acceptance mail :D I'm so happy :) I'm happy I didn't lie to myself and always put PSI on number one; it worked out in the end!
  10. Mar 10, 2012 #9
    Congratulations on your offers.

    Out of curiosity, where are you guys doing your undergraduate degrees?
  11. Mar 10, 2012 #10
    Thank you.

    I'm currently attending KU Leuven in Belgium.

    Why are you asking? :) Connected to our PSI offers?
  12. Mar 10, 2012 #11
    Cool, thanks! If I'm not mistaken, Micromass is there too!

    Well, I like Physics. I also applied to study in Germany (Leipzig) and wanted to know if things worked out for people who applied outside of Europe. I know for a fact that Dutch, German and Belgian undergraduate degrees (at least, in maths and physics) are more advanced than their American counterparts but of the 2-3 I've seen on physicsgre.com and mathematicsgre.com, most were not very accessible with applications in the States. And I wanted to know why! I was talking about it with a friend and we agreed upon one thing: the grading system. A 1.8 in Germany is a big thing. It's closer to a 3.8 than to a 3.2 GPA, I'd think...I suppose things like that raise a few alarms...

    I don't know any Dutch, so if I were to go to Belgium (or at the very least, apply there - grades are average but hoping that I make it in somewhere), I wouldn't apply to the Flemish side (obviously). You know anything about Physics departments on the French side? There's only a handful of them...
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