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Accepted in 3 Uni's. Which to choose?

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    I was just accepted as a transfer to University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, University of Washington-Seattle, and Drexel University for physics.
    I know these are all great schools but what are your suggestions and why?

    I'm transferring from a community college and will be in my second year. Cost isn't going to matter because I'm out of state and will have to take loans out, and still am waiting for financial aid to go through. Location isn't really an issue either, I'm just looking for the university with most in-depth physics program with the most options.
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    UW gets a ton of research funding and it's in Seattle if that floats your boat. It rains alot..

    I don't know very much about the University of Michigan though.
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    U of M has a very good national reputation.
    I'm from Michigan....and there are a number of jokes about Michigan....the University has a great history of making students really believe U of M is THE top of the top when it comes to education.

    One joke that is often heard goes like this: "How do you know you're talking to someone that graduated from UofM?"
    "That was the first thing they told you....."

    I attended Drexel university for one semester in a very out of character decision to pursue psychology. The courses were very easy. It had a very good reputation for psychology, and I pulled all A's that semester.....but it made me realize for certain that my interests are in hard science..

    I don't know if the "ease" of the courses was correlated to the university...or to the specific degree program though.

    I don't know anything about UW Seattle, so no input on that.
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    I'm most familiar with the programs at U of M and UW... and they are both good. UW has a renowned program in physics education... which is bound to filter down to good teaching practices in the undergrad classes.

    I'd suggest of course, visiting the places and talking with students and faculty to make sure you pick the place that's best for you. Seattle is probably nicer than Ann Arbor... but Ann Arbor has its own charm (from the times I've visited both places).
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    Haha! Its funny cause its true!

    I applied to U of M for my graduate engineering but lost interest when I visited the place and worked with some of its graduates (I live in SE michigan). I'm sure its a good school, but I'm just not a big fan of the Ann Arbor culture.
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