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Access to physics (especially astrophysics) research journals

  1. Jun 10, 2013 #1

    My association with a University is coming to an end and with it ends my free access to a panoply of research journals. Can anyone suggest how someone without University affiliations (and who is unable to pay the fee for private use!) could go about accessing at least some journals/ journal articles. (The only free database I am aware of at the moment is arxiv.org).
    Some journals that I am particularly interested in accessing are MNRAS, The Astrophysical Journal and The Astronomical Journal.

    Any help here would be much appreciated.
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    I thought I found myself in a similar predicament, but I found I can still get access to most journals (those you mention included) if I log into a WTS remote cluster at my university remotely and download articles that way.

    Check if your university has a similar remote virtual computing service where you can log in with your usual username. It might not be as user friendly or windows based as what I have though.
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    Luckily, the arXiv should contain the vast majority of all of the new and recent publications you might be interested in. The problem will be looking up some of the older references not on the arXiv.

    I don't really have a good suggestion for that, other than "try to find a way to maintain an affiliation with a University." If you can get access to a local University's library, you should at a minimum be able to download the articles you want from there.
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