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Medical Accident leaves basketball player with no memory

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    Ivan Seeking

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    An interesting local story in the news.

    http://www.katu.com/news/local/36581724.html [Broken]
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    Fascinating story. Coulda done without that Jesus stuff at the end, though.
    I hope there's some follow-up as to her progress.
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    I hit my head once, and lost 2 years of memory, but it came back to me in about 24 hours. Durring this period, I also had instant short term memory loss. I was at the hospital asking why I was there every 30 seconds. After I had regained my memory, I felt very strange and confused, it was a horrible feeling. I hope she gets her memory back.

    No one knows how I hit my head, and it ramains a mystery. There were no scrapes, bruises, redmarks or anything of the sort, onle a larger than normal bump behind my ear. I like to think that I was abducted by aliens. LOL
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    It was probably Ivan.
    Just out of curiosity... now that you've recovered, do you remember not remembering? I mean, do you have a recollection of the times when you had no memory or do the facts as you know them fill in the blanks?
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    No, I don't remember not remembering, but my family informed me of what I was doing.
    I remember putting on the clothes I wore that day, I remember what I was wearing, the next memory was the next day in the car getting the details on what happened. It was all pretty confusing. I kind of have a shaky partial memory of being inside this white tube ( getting cat scan), but I don't really remember anything except the image.

    It seams like it all came back at once, at least as best as I can recall. I have had no revelations, or flashbacks after.
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    I had a really bad concussion when I was a kid. I remember none of that day, and every thing I know was what my younger sisters told me. Were skating on a small pond with other kids and I tried to jump a snow bank we had made, shoveling off the ice. I flipped and hit the back of my head on the ice. I got up, went to a log to take off my hockey skates, and change into my boots. My sisters were really mad because they had to leave when I did and they had to change fast, then instead of walking along roads, etc, I made a bee-line across country through woods, swamps etc. I went upstairs to my room and laid down. I don't remember the doctor making a house-call, but he did. The first thing that I remember of that entire day was waking up in the evening and my father was sitting at my bed-side with a new hockey-stick that he had bought me for Christmas. That whole day is gone, except for a few minutes in the evening.
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    When I was 14, I lost three days of memory. I was in the hospital with mononucleosis, I had a fever of 105+F when I was brought in.

    My first memory was of my mother sitting at the foot of my hospital bed and she said that if I continued to improve I could go home in a few days, and she knew I was anxious to get out of there. I told her, "but I just got here". She looked at me kind of funny and said "you've been here for three days".

    Apparently I was awake and talking the whole three days, but I have absolutely no memory.

    The doctors told us that they didn't think that I had suffered brain damage, but before that, I had total recall, a photographic memory, and a formally tested IQ of 185. I noticed that I lost a lot of my "powers" after that incident.
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