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Adams-Bashforth and Adam-Moulton

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    I am doing a question on using Adams-Bashforth method as predictor and Adams-Moulton method as corrector.
    I would like to ask after we find y_n+1 by corrector method, do we have to re-calculate y'_n+1 in order to find y_n+2, or we use the y'_n+1 originally found by the predicator method to find y_n+2 in corrector?

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    Yes you do.

    When you to the second integration step, you want to use "the answer" from the first step, not an earlier guess at the answer.

    Of course if it happens that in your equation dy/dt = f(y,t), f only depends of t and not on y, there may be no difference between the two values.
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