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Adding salt and water to fibroblast growth medium

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    Do you know the total dissolved particle molarity of fibroblast growth media, and could I achieve to keep the osmotic pressure constant while adding both salt and water to it? (I am assuming the salt does not pass through the cell membrane)

    Thank you.
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    This one is 270 +/- 10 mOsm/L. I'm not sure why, but there's a bit of variance in human cell culture medias. I found a couple examples of stem cell cultures that ranged from 292 up to 340. In any case, you should have the literature on your specific media or you can contact the manufacturer. Whatever it happens to be, your saline should match the media should match intracellular osmolarity (although the 340 kind of throws me off considering I was taught 295 as physiological).
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    Thank you aroc91!
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