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Admission to Computer Engineering denied, pls advice

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    Hello everyone,

    I am a new Canadian resident in Toronto.
    I have applied to University of Toronto as a mature student at Computer Engineering and got denied. This is the point where I started analysing my application.
    I have graduated in 1992 in Romania, in Sanitary Highschool.
    However, the grades during highschool, and especially at Mathematics were rather poor, i.e. 50%.
    Ever since then I worked in IT mainly as helpdesk getting involved in different projects. This is what I do now at Microsoft, in Toronto. That is why I considered it would be a good ideea to go to University as well. The problem is that in the field I wish to apply there is a requirement "OAC/Grade 12 U Calculus AND another OAC/Grade 12 U Math with a minimum Math average of 75% and no Math below 65% " which I do not understand in my terms.
    I have discovered lately, after the University of Toronto refusal that Atkinson University (part of York University here in Toronto) offers classes during the evening, part time, towards an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Information Technology. All of those programs requests the above mentioned pre-requsites, which I do not know how to aquire as I work during the day. I found some courses at Atkinson University but that is Introductory Mathematics and does not count as a prerequsite. Also, at University of Toronto there is a program called PUMP that can prepare you for Admission but again that is during the day.
    My question here is, how can I upgrade my Mathematics skills in an official way (no private tutor) and during the evening in such way so I can apply to one of those programs that are to my interest. Is there any college, or University, that offers evening or week end classes that gives you a paper upon completion of the course that can be used to apply at University?
    Sorry if I do not understand exactly the mechanism of University admission, but is really confusing and I do need advice in this matter.
    I know WHERE I want to go, I only do not know HOW to get there.
    Any answers will be greatly appreciated, especially those that can refer to certain names of colleges or universities that offer such courses
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    Quick question, how do you KNOW you want to be a Comp Eng? Your current job seems like it would branch off more into IT rather than science/engineering. Whats the area of interest?

    Also here's what have worked for some of my friends, you dont apply to a major that is competitive. For instance, Comp Eng. When I was accepted into the major, you needed at least a 3.5 by your jr. year or you couldn't get into it. Also as a freshman, first semester if you didn't take Calc 1, it would screw all your other classes because you needed it as a pre-req

    Reapply to the same school but choose undecided or choose a major that isnt very popular. Choose a major where the school NEEDS people in it.

    Then once your accepted into the school change your major to pre-engineering, and you'll take calc 1 your first semester.

    I don't know if you would be ready for calc 1 from the history you said but if you arn't, take a lower course in math and work your way up.

    The point is though, if you take a math course in college, do well, then they have no reason to doubt your abilities.
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    Consider junior colleges or community colleges in your area. They usually offer night classes.

    - Warren
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    lgmihailescu, those are high school courses. Your best move is to subscribe to adult school and take the courses at night. High school courses are usually cheap, around 30$, and you can chose when to take your examinations so you can move at your own rate. Here are some adult schools in the Toronto region: http://www.tdsb.on.ca/_site/ViewItem.asp?siteid=92&menuid=315&pageid=243"

    You should also go to a community center near you to get more information on the matter.
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    Although your Romanian high school diploma may be found equivalent to a Canadian high school diploma, you will definitely need to upgrade your high school math marks in order to be accepted to a university program in computing or engineering.

    You need good specific advice - perhaps you can try asking at the CICIC. At the very least they should be able to direct you to someone else who can help answer your questions and figure out what you need to do to upgrade your qualifications.

    Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials
    95 St. Clair Avenue West, Suite 1106
    Toronto, Ontario M4V 1N6 Canada
    Phone: (416) 962-9725

    My encouragement goes out to you - good luck with getting your credentials.
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