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Advice for my undergrad school decision

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    Hello I am currently in the midst of filling out my applications to apply to a few colleges and I was wondering is there really a huge difference between state ran schools? I am looking to apply at Pacific Lutheran University, Seattle University, University of Washington, Oregon State Universtiy, and University of Oregon(for at least OSU and UO I would apply to the honors college and see if I get in). I should be able to get into most if not all these schools fairly easy but I was wondering is there one that is more well known for their physics programs then others or one that will give another type of advantage like internships? I am currently looking at majoring in Physics with a possible minor in programming or math. I know you probably see a lot of threads like this though I just worry a little because I do not have many people to talk to about advice for physics programs in my local area. I have to say,even though I havent posted much on these forums, the posts I have posted and others that I have read have been extreamly helpful so I just feel like saying thank you guys for answers questions from people like me.
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    There is a very large difference between some of these schools. Try to find the average sat scores for these schools.
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    osu engineering (chemical) is pretty damn good imo. . .
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    Yeah mostly I am looking towards OSU and UW right now and hoping if I go to OSU I get into the honors college. I know none of these will be like MIT or anything but really just what I am wondering is will all of these give me a decent chance to go on to a graduate school program for physics?
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    any school will do this. . .
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    True and read this
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    Strength of UW and OSU's Physics Program

    Hey I am a current high school senior and I am applying to colleges right now. The two schools that I really am looking at going to either would be the University of Washington or Oregon State University and majoring in physics. I have read the University of Washington has a strong physics program and saw that they are ranked in the top 20 general physics schools for graduate school. When I look up Oregon State though I can not really find much information on their physics program beyond that they use a differnet style of teaching then most college. I was wondering how does Oregon State's different style of teaching effect the quality of the education and would the University of Washington really be significatly better for me to go to education wise?
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    Re: Strength of UW and OSU's Physics Program

    UW has a reputation as a very, very strong school. As far as whether Washington or Oregon State better fits your learning style, a visit would be a good way to tell.
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