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Advice on how to spend my gap year?

  1. Jun 2, 2014 #1
    I have just completed my undergraduate degree, and will be taking the GRE and applying to graduate school this fall. I'll be applying to terminal master's programs because of my lackluster GPA, a 3.3. This is in hopes of continuing my recent track of improved grades, and hopefully strengthening my Phd application afterwards.

    This coming year will thus be a gap year for me. Besides preparing for the GRE that will take place in a few months, what should I be doing in this time that would be productive for me? Basically, how should I spend my gap year so I get the most out of it, physics-wise, for my future?

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
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    Have you thought about what area of physics you want to do research in? You could get a big head start on wrapping your mind around the various current modern research topics. Start spending at least a couple hours a week looking at all the research each institution does you're applying to. When a faculty member's research catches your eye, read some of his/her selected publications. Google the topic in general. Read more publications. Maybe find lectures on youtube on the topic. Have a good idea of what research you might want to do before you walk in. If you change your mind while you're there, then great. At least you are a little more conscious of the research everybody is doing.
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