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Courses Advice on intro phys/calc courses

  1. Aug 20, 2009 #1
    Hey, does anyone know what I should expect from my 1st year PHYS 111/112 and Math 121/122/Biometrics courses?

    I have a basic understanding of some calculus concepts (derivatives and functions) and I know a bit more about chem, meaning that my physics knowledge is probably better than my math.

    I've been out of high-school for awhile and I was wondering if it would be worth it to take a 'refresher' course as well? I only need 3 math courses for my science degree, namely Calculus |/|| and Biometrics. Comments and criticisms welcome.
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    Kind of hard to say without seeing course descriptions. Course numbers are meaningless outside the particular college or university.
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    Well that's a good place to start.

    Calculus I (Math 121)
    A study of real numbers, analytic geometry, derivatives of the elementary functions with applications, anti-derivatives, calculation of areas.

    Calculus II (Math 122)
    Topics include techniques of integration with applications, numerical methods, improper integrals, polar coordinates, Taylor's theorem, and infinite series.

    Physics for the Life Sciences I (Phys 111)
    Topics include kinematics and dynamics of particles, forces, static equilibrium, energy, fluids, heat and thermodynamics.

    Physics for the Life Sciences II (Phys 112)
    Topics include waves and sound, electrostatics and electricity, optics, quantum physics and radioactivity.

    I guess that really solves my own question, now if only I had read my course descriptions before posting in the academia guidance section of a physics forum.. oh wait I did.
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