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Advice on neuroscience academic path?

  1. Jun 18, 2014 #1
    So I'm a junior in high school currently with a very, very strong interest in neuroscience, among other sciences (specifically chemistry and physics), and engineering as well (part of school's FIRST robotics team as lead programmer). For the past few months or so, I've been exploring academic pathways in the neuroscience field. I plan to go beyond the bachelor's degree and go into post-doctorate studies one day (just a goal as of now).

    I was wondering if there was a neuroscience major who went onto post-graduate studies, and even current neuroscience students who might give me an idea of what to expect and prepare for if I decide to take this path. I'm looking at neurophysics and neural engineering currently, as those seem to be peaking my interest. Med School is even an option this early in planning, as that's all it is.

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    Have you read the wikipedia article on neuroscience?


    There are many career options listed.

    Also searching on neuroscience degree via google lists a lot of universities with these kinds of programs.

    My suggestion would be to do some research into who teaches courses you are interested in at a graduate level and then contact the profs to find out more about the research...

    You could even do Computational Neuroscience by learning the necessary languages and writing and running simulations...


    Researching as many fields as you can will help you narrow your interest to what you really want.
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