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Advice to improve myself in the maths

  1. Nov 5, 2017 #1
    hello every body

    i really don't love the maths and i want some advice's to improve myself in maths
    suggest me articles or sites or apps on mobile
    but try not to go to books because in my country i don't find books like that every where
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    Perhaps you could tell us what level you're at currently?
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    i am actually in prep 2 but i don't think this school grade is in america or something so i can't explain it but i would accept any thing that would improve my maths skills
    and if you have any advice's to improve the memory tell it to me too please
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    One way to improve your appreciation of math is to look at numberphile channel on YouTube where they interview practicing mathematicians about an interesting math problem.

    Another YouTube channel is 3brown1blue who does some really beautiful presentations on math. He has a sequence on the essence of calculus and on linear algebra.
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    thanks man
    i will take a deep look at them
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    Get some math textbooks and do every practice problem at the end of each chapter.
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    Maybe you could order some books from bookdepository or amazon.
    Sorry, but books are the way to learn everything.....
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    One book I liked was Math 1001 by Prof Elwes

    Its a catalog of math topics giving you some insight while encouraging to research it more.

    Its about $20 usd on amazon
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    Another question. Are you more interested in proving theorems or solving problems?
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    it will be hard because my current is the Egyption pound
    + there is allot of money gonna be payed + i don't have visa
    maybe if i have visa i would but i don't do you have any idea about buying online and shipping ?
  12. Nov 7, 2017 #11
    i am a bet interested in solving problems
    theorems i study theorem and i study proving it
    but i am weak in it so i am trying to improve myself
  13. Nov 7, 2017 #12
    i have no idea about buying online and this thing can you help me in it inbox
    knowing that i don't have visa + my current is egyption pound
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    I recently asked my abstract algebra professor about proof-based textbooks and he suggested a text called Introduction to Mathematical Structures and Proofs. It's aimed at ambitious undergraduates looking to prepare themselves for advanced proof-based courses. It's also designed for self-study so you may find it useful.

    As far as problem solving goes, you might find it useful to practice some physics and differential equations. Morin and Taylor's books get recommended a lot here. The Art of Problem Solving lists math problems aimed at talented high school students. For a more computer sciency approach, try Project Euler. The problems are usually based on number theory and you have to write algorithms to solve them, so you will learn both analytical and computational approaches to solving problems.
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    Since you’re unfamiliar with online shopping, it would be better if you went to a local bookseller and ask them to order it for you. That was the way folks got rare books in the past.
  16. Nov 7, 2017 #15
    i will try to do this
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