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Aerodynamic : Dual Range Force Sensor Needed

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    This is my first post and i've never been here so I'm not sure this is where i should post my question, but if i'm wrong, pls correct me.

    This force sensor is to load my truck ontop of that shaft to determine it's drag force. And my question is where can i find this device? In Malaysia.

    Thx in advance.:smile:
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    What exactly do you want to do with the force sensor? Are you talking about putting a model truck in that wind tunnel?

    It is not going to easy to help you find that particular device when all we have is the picture you have provided.
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    i have come back with more info.


    loading the truck ontop these sensors is another problem...
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    Just contact the company that makes them. All of their contact info is on that data sheet.
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    I have to ask. Are you planning on loading a real truck or a model truck on to this sensor? I am assuming you are using a model truck but you haven't really specified in your posts.
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    Sorry RandomGuy88, i am really bad at posting comments and i'm trying to improve... I have already sent a mail to "Vernier Company" and asked for their local suppliers and they replied me today. The force sensor in the data sheet is directly the one i needed.

    And it is the model truck that will be loaded unto the sensor.

    Thanks for your concern.
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