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Physics Afraid of not getting a physics-related job after college

  1. Apr 4, 2016 #1
    I really don't want to end up working a job unrelated to physics after college
    What are some tips to increase my chances of actually getting a job in the field of physics
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    You can check some job listings on the APS bulletin board and postings in various physics magazines and journals. And apply at various tech companies, as they will often need physics folks. Engineering is pretty close to physics. Or you could go into science teaching.
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    What do you consider to be a job "in the field of physics?" And how far are you planning to go with your education?

    Getting an academic job as a professor is rare and requires a lot of perseverance, effort, and luck. But there are a lot of jobs where you will use physics to some degree.
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    Well if you want to get a job in physics, a PhD is pretty much a requirement.
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    Well I really like Astrophysics.
    Something involving the study of the cosmos would be amazing.
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