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Aircraft landing impact & tires forces analysis

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    how is the smartest, can do the analysis?
    when the Airplane touch the runway. the rear wheels touch first, in part of second, the rear tires skidding and then start to spin up. I need to analysis the forces to find:
    friction torque, skidding, slip ratio,...
    you can use any data or just find the correct formula.... thanks for all
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    Surely the heart of the problem is that there is a vertical sink rate that the tires and hydraulics must absorb before any friction issues become amenable to analysis.
    If memory serves, there have been experiments to measure the benefit from spinning up the wheels before touchdown. As no benefits were found, the effort was abandoned.
    Consequently I doubt analysis of the forces has been achieved.
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    You could make an estimate based on the G loading on the landing gear for "normal" and "heavy" landings. Whether the estimate would be worth much is another question.

    How to stop trainee pilots landing light aircraft with the wheel brakes on (easily done by accident, if the brakes are close to the rudder bar) is probably a more important questiion!
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    yes, we need the torque to know how much torque required to spin the wheels. however, it is for heavy airplane. but the analysis is very complicated
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