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  1. D

    A How does 1-wheeled motorcycle turn?

    I've witnessed 1st-hand with my own eyeballs this guy riding an S-shaped path through chicane at Thunderhill East+West 5-mile combined course with front-wheel IN THE AIR! I believe bike is a Yamaha TZ250, 100-120bhp and 200-lbs weight. I conducted an experiment to document behavior of single...
  2. Z

    I Gas Law applying to air vs water vapor

    Say we have a tire filled with air (equal to ambient air surrounding it in every way). pressure on the gauge is 0. Then, we pressurize it to 1 ATM (15psi). If we heat the tire , the air will be heated and expand based on gas law, or is there a factor that changes it based on the air's...
  3. J

    B How do forces of the tires contribute to car rollovers?

    I'm trying to understand the physics of car rollovers and perhaps what can prevent them in terms of the forces that are involved. According to various diagrams I've seen, there is friction applied by the tires (with some diagrams showing a set of forces acting only on a single tire which...
  4. Mantikore

    Rolling resistance, tire tolerance, gas mileage

    A question in regards to rolling resistance. Am I wrong in thinking that not everything you hit on the road with your tire effects your gas mileage? Don't tires have a tolerance in terms of how much energy they can absorb before it effects your traction, therefore effecting your gas mileage...
  5. N

    Rolling Friction of Bicycle Tires

    Homework Statement Two bicycle tires are set rolling with the same initial speed of 3.30m/s along a long, straight road, and the distance each travels before its speed is reduced by half is measured. One tire is inflated to a pressure of 40 psi and goes a distance of 17.3m ; the other is at 105...