Airflow and Preassure HW: Find Flow for Engine Needing 1m3/min

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In summary, the problem involves determining the flow of air needed for an engine, given the standard pressure and temperature and the pressure supplied by a machine. The ideal gas law is used to calculate the number of moles of air and the resulting volume, but there is no way to verify the accuracy of the solution.
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Homework Statement

Engine needs airflow of 1 m3/min (std. p=101.325kPa, T=293.15K) it is suplied by machine working at p=700kPa.

Homework Equations

How big flow is requied from the machine to supply engine with air?

The Attempt at a Solution

Tryed using ideal gas law pV=nRT
1) I found out n, using n=(pV)/(RT)=(101,325*1)/(8,314*293,15)=0,04157
2)I used 2nd preasure to add to to eq. V2=(nRT)/p=(0,04157*8,314*293,15)/700=0,14475m3/min

Have no way to check if that is correct or not.
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You must show some attempt. Tell us what you know. This must be relevant to something you are learning in a textbook.
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hope that will do, I honestly don't know tho
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1. What is airflow and why is it important for an engine?

Airflow refers to the movement of air through a system or engine. It is important for an engine because it is necessary for the combustion process to produce power.

2. How is airflow measured?

Airflow is typically measured in cubic meters per minute (m3/min) or cubic feet per minute (CFM). This measurement is taken using a flow meter, which measures the volume of air passing through a specific point in a given amount of time.

3. What factors affect airflow in an engine?

There are several factors that can affect airflow in an engine, including the size and design of the intake and exhaust systems, the air filter, and any obstructions or restrictions in the airflow path. Temperature and altitude can also impact airflow.

4. How can I determine the required airflow for an engine?

The required airflow for an engine can be determined by calculating the amount of air needed for proper combustion based on the engine's size and power output. This can be done using mathematical formulas or by consulting with a professional engineer.

5. How does pressure impact airflow in an engine?

Pressure plays a crucial role in airflow in an engine. A higher pressure differential between the intake and exhaust systems can increase airflow and improve engine performance. However, too much pressure can cause damage to the engine, so it is important to maintain proper pressure levels.