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Al Gore's Testimony to the United States House

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    Another http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/story.html?id=34676f81-1d89-471e-8941-5b4f0967cca9&k=0 [Broken]

    "At about the same time, the New York Times (of all papers) ran a front page story questioning the “facts” contained in Mr. Gore’s movie. For instance, Mr. Gore claims sea levels will rise by as much as six metres in the coming decades due to planetary meltdown, when, in fact, even the United Nations’ global warming committee — as alarmist as any scientific committee could be — predicts the rise will be no more than 40 centimetres.

    Perhaps this is why Mr. Gore refused to submit his written testimony and a list of his sources to Congressmen and Senators on Capitol Hill yesterday: He didn’t want to give them enough time to poke holes in the assertions he was about to make. If the former senator and vice-president were confident of the facts behind his claims, why would he resist giving legislators the advance look all witness are required to give?

    Mr. Gore did eventually give Congressmen a 30-minute lead time on his testimony, but House and Senate rules clearly require a 48-hour lead.

    In his testimony, he insisted “the planet has a fever” that is leading to a “planetary emergency” that will cause a “crisis that threatens the survival of our civilization.” Sounds like the sort of information the world should hear about ASAP. So why the hush-hush secrecy around his written testimony, unless of course he wanted to avoid embarrassing questions?"
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    To me this is simply a prelude to justify some sort of world government pushed by people who think themselves more equal than others and who have an insatiable urge to tell others on how to act and think.
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    Exactly. H.L. Mencken put it this way:

    next time, when a political leader (m/f) speaks about the danger of global warming, notice how important it is that he/she leads the fight against it.

    There is one exception, the Czech president, Vaclav Klaus, probably the only sceptical political leader, who knows everything about the "more-equal-than-others" part

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