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Alerts: "bug" or "feature"?

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    This morning, I received 3 alerts:


    Do "alerts" in General Discussion only show up on Sundays, or is someone trying to:

    a. make me look bad by missing the voting deadline: "Ohhh.... Om can submit a photo, but he's too snobbish to vote for anyone. Jerk....."
    b. make me miss the deadline for submitting my most awesome of prize winning photos

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    Re-reading Catch-22 usually helps make sense of situations such as this. :smile:
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    Do you watch the archive as well? The threads got moved, you might have gotten an alert for that action (and one a week ago when the threads got started). Yes it says "started" although it got moved.

    Don't worry, you won the waterfront vote by the most one-sided voting result I have seen so far.
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    My Armenian co-worker told me one day, that I should read Heller's "Something Happened".
    I'm assuming that at that moment, we both connected with "Catch-22".
    Unfortunately, I didn't start reading it until after I had retired, and had to stop reading it, as it brought back too many bad memories.
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    I guess I am.

    Ok then. That explains it.

    ps. Have I ever mentioned my hatred for people from Germany?

    That's why I'm so upset!

    pps. It was much prettier in person. All I'd ever heard about the place was; "eeeew! the water is such a pretty blue!"
    pffft! The variations of color in the rocks had me wishing I'd been a geologist my entire life.

    ppps. Also, my sister-in-law married some Americanized guy born in Frankfurt, and she taught me some sign language a few years ago; "B4".
    So, in the future, if I've asked these types of questions, before, just give me a sign. I will understand.
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    I tried, but I don't know sign language, sorry.
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