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Aligning and numbering equations in LaTeX

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    I have not been able to find any help for the following problem. I have two equations of the type

    blahbli=0 j=1,2,..., S
    blahbla=0 k=1,2,..., T

    where I want the first and second equal signs on each line to line up vertically with the corresponding equal signs on the second line AND I want to assign a single equation number to the pair of equations. I tried

    \begin{split} blahbli &=0 \qquad j=1,2,\ldots, S\\
    blahbla &=0 \qquad k=1,2,\ldots, T.

    but that does not align the second equal sign and looks ugly. Any way around this? Appreciate your help!
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    D H

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    Use aligned rather than split.

    \begin{aligned} blahbli &=0 &j&=1,2,\ldots, S\\
    blahbla &=0&k&=1,2,\ldots, T.
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    Thank you so much! I had never used the aligned command before.
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