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Almost uncontrollable fascination with astro/quantum physics

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    I'm wondering if I'm alone, but I have this huge fascination with how the universe and everything works, like other dimensions, string theory, all that stuff. Basically everything that astrophysicist like Stephen hawking study. I would almost give up winning the lottery if I could know and understand everything about the universe.

    Would anyone else actually give up something like this to understand all of the universes mysteries? Are our tiny brains even capable? Like animals aren't capable of understanding calculus. Some things that just blow my mind, like how can the universe have no center? Things like that make me realize how primitive our minds are? Or just trying to imagine a 4th space dimension. It's so hard, yet there could be 10+ space dimensions. It just blows my mind!

    I guess my real question is, are our brains even capable of coming close to understanding all these deep mysteries? If you could put a percentage on it, what would it be? Like a dog is 5% capable of understanding algebra.
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    Eleventy three percent and five doubloons.
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    This is nonsense, sorry.
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