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Am I overreacting or is my professor acting unprofessionally?

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    Recently our grades were updated and unfortunately I finished one percent short of an A. I wasn't going to put that on the teacher, I should have put in more work for that one percent. After about a week I found out that a good number of my peers had received random grade bumps. Some even being bumped up two letter grades. I found this to be a bit unfair. Why should anything but academic performance play a part in a students grade?

    Should I mind my own business or do I have the right to feel mistreated? The thought of reporting his actions has popped up in my mind but even if I have the grounds to do so, I'm not sure I would.

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    If you don't have anything to contribute, maybe you shouldn't post. Trying to demean me is not only unnecessary, it's rather out of place. You're a staff member and you should be doing your best to encourage activity on PF, not scare away members.

    I'll take the bait though and retort in a similar fashion.
    Were you always this bitter or did it develop with the strain of two divorces?
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    If its not too late, ask for the one percent. When I was a TA I wouldn't let 1% keep someone from their A. Generally anyone that gave their full effort and was really close to the border I'd just bump up. When it comes to one student needing 1% to go above a grade border, its the same logically to bump them up as to give everyone in the class 1% more credit; just that one student would go up in letter grade anyway.

    Other than that, not. You did not get mistreated, nor did he/she act unprofessionally, IF you never asked for an opportunity to get that 1%. Those other students just took an advantage that you might have missed out on. I figure its fair so long as the ORDER of the students doesn't change. If the lowest person was bumped from a D- to a C-, and the 2nd lowest had a C+, then no harm was done to any other student other than allowing a sub-par student to progress. (which i guess isn't good).

    But what does that D- represent anyway? Grades are arbitrary. Unless everything was scantron T/F or multiple choice, there was some subjective decision-making already at play when determining your grades throughout the year, and so there is no difference in arbitrarily changing the scale at the end for the better.
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    Thank you for the response Hepth. I did not ask him for the one percent, as we did a small assignment in class that was suppose to act as extra-credit. I did complete it, but he for whatever reason did not apply it towards my grade.
    I know the students did not ask him. They were rather surprised as some of them got very odd curves. A peer of mine went from a high D to the minimum of a B overnight. If race is suspected to be a factor in the curving, is it still acceptable? It was no secret that every minority in the class received a nice bumping. A fact that some of my friends themselves who received boosts talked about on facebook.

    It isn't a huge deal. To be honest I've never cared too much about grades, I just felt that I was at a disadvantage and that's what bothered me. I'll guess I'll just let it go. It's in the past and I may as well move on with things.

    I rotate between asking academic questions and personal questions. The general discussion section exists for a reason and as far as I know I'm not violating any rules by posting this thread. Do you really have so little going on in your life that you'll jump at any opportunity to attempt to insult me. I don't know you. I don't care about you. Simply put your existence is futile to me. Why don't you move on with your life and leave me alone. May I suggest a cat? You seem like that type of person that would enjoy owning cats...
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    Since when did PF become the Jersey Shore?
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    Talk to your professor. BAM! Problem solved.
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    Agreed. I don't think this is the place for off-topic arguments and attacks. I prefer forums where people focus on the thread :tongue:

    On-topic: You said the grade bumps were random. How sure are you of this?? Did the professor give an explanation for the bumps?
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    He's in high school.
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    I understand how you feel, but please be reminded that you are posting in Evo's house and other places are Evo's relatives' too.
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    @Micro, he made no mention of bumping grades. We have an online grading system, and one day he just changed grades for some students. I think he picked out the kids he thought were working harder in the class or kids he simply liked. I still don't get why even effort should play a role in final grades. Why bother giving out a test if you're just going to manipulate the grades at the end?

    @AnTi, I'm not sure how that is going to help. I just think it would make things awkward.
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    Well, if this is the case, then you should feel mistreated. The question is whether you're going to do something about it. You can talk to your professor, but that might be awkward. You might also talk to another professor about it (an impartial party so-to-say).

    In either case, you should talk to an advisor about it and see what advise he has about the situation.
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    That explains a lot. I still think talking to his teacher would answer all of his questions instead of speculation and looking for suggestions on the internet.
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    Yes, I agree.
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    Eh to be honest I'll probably just forget about it and move on. I still have another semester with the guy and the last thing I want to do is make an enemy.

    I'm in High School, but the course is at the community college. I'm not sure why talking to my school would do anything for me? I'm almost positive I'd be told to handle the problem with the community college. His native language is not English and he is not friendly with me when I make normal conversation. I don't think I'll get anywhere arguing about my grade lol.
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    That's really, really uncalled for.

    Don't be dissin' our Evo.

    But if you're gonna do it at all, do it classy-like.
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    Asking for grade increases works. Come up with a plausible argument, and turn on the charm. You might mention that you need to get into a good college to support your invalid aunt and Down's syndrome sister. I wish I had done that in my youth. People like to help others out at no cost to themselves.
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    <snork> That was great, I can't stop laughing.

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    I'd prefer to stay on-topic. If anyone would like to discuss my temperament or mommy issues I'd be glad to do so in private messages.

    So as much as I'd like to cleverly respond to every comment about my tantrum I'm going to have to pass for now.
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    Yes, let me reiterate this; Don't approach in an accusing way, approach in an inquisitive way as to whether or not he/she can help. Don't get in the habit of not going the extra mile to get a better grade. The difference between an A and a B is the difference between Harvard and the school I went to. No one ever stressed the importance of grades to me (I was always an A/B student, but never tried to get all A's). I was praised for getting a 3.5 in HS. I didn't know until applying for colleges, and then again for grad schools that the world is HIGHLY competitive, and everyone but you is taking advantage of every opportunity they can get.

    To not do so is laziness now. There is nor right or wrong, no fair or unfair. Grades are VERY important. It is NOT ok to settle for a B. They are the first impression. I wish I could go back and tell myself to try the little more it would have took to be a straight A student.
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    Okay, thanks again for the quality response Hepth. I've already got college worked out, but I guess the principle of what you're saying still applies. It won't take long so I might as well go ahead and give it a shot.

    Well I'm off to sleep. Thank you for some of the responses.
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