Should I do a computer science or math major?

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I am currently pursuing a computer science degree and am considering if I should switch to a math major. I just finished sophomore year of college , but I am transferring universities, and the way the credits transfer, it would take me 3 more years to get the CS degree but only 2 more for the math degree. On top of that, I find that math comes a lot more naturally to me and I get better grades for the same amount of studying.

I have software engineering internship lined up this summer, so how much I like/dislike that will probably influence my choice later on.

My only concern is that there are fewer jobs opportunities for math than there are with CS, and was wondering if anyone had any advice to offer?

Thank you in advance!
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To the OP:

Is it not possible for you to double major in both math and CS at your university?

Many students have done both (as the two programs complement each other), and those who have backgrounds in both math and CS are often looked upon favourably by employers.
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