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AMD share price continues to fall.

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    I'm curious to peoples opinions of AMD, I have been using AMD over Intel for a few years however Intel jsut released the new centrino 2's and AMD share price is still falling. Will AMD be able to keep up? I originally thought it could soon be a good time to buy AMD shares as they have a history of rising and falling like this, but i am worried this time they will not bounce back so swiftly.
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    AMD had a great run from 2003-2006, but they now starting to slip not only on the business/production/logistics end but now the technical end. It doesn't look good and now I am looking at Intel more for chips. On the same token, I am really surprised to see NVIDIA get smacked around lately.
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    Maybe NVDIA looks like it could be a good buy. I was thinking about switching back to an INTEL based system. I might wait till I can afford a new laptop with centrino 2 and a blu ray player. The newchips are supposed to be able to supply enoguh power to watch a blu ray on one batter. I cant even watch a dvd rip on one batter.

    Back to AMD this article says its a good buy.
    74% return over 3 years, with such a low share price right now you dont even have to invest that much, low risk.
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    NVIDIA has had a bad run of motherboard's chips of late
    and is getting beat in video cards too both in price and spec's
    by ATI which is owned by AMD but does not help their stock price
    as the core-2 duo is so much better then the AMD chips
    thats where the real money is made
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    Is this the kind of situation that promotes a hostile takeover ?
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    Usually that requires that company has more value than it's stock price (cash in the bank/pension fund/ real estate). Intel are unlikeyl to want to buy them since it would raise monopoly concerns. The smaller chip companies would be quite happy to just snap up some of AMDs staff without buying the company, their research/fab plant in Dresden is pretty highly regarded.
    What is probably more likely is a ATI-AMD demerger/rename so that ATI doesn't sink with AMD.

    But this industry changes quickly, it would onyl take AMD to launch a low power Atom competitor for the new UMPC market to turn it around.
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