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Homework Help: American Yr 10 Physics in Australia...assistance needed

  1. May 26, 2015 #1
    Hi All. My name is Simone and i have joined for the purposes of correcting my personal educational inadequacies.

    I have an inadequacy in my formal education as i only went to Year 8 in Australia. I am struggling to help my daughter at the moment.

    My 16 year old daughter is stumped on some Physics questions. She is studying to sit American SATS instead of our ATAR exam as she is High IQ and almost 2 years advanced in her education.

    Do you have time to look at 3 Physics Questions and see if you can help me help my child gain the Formula required to work out said questions?

    I am in the process of arranging a Professional to tutor her in person on Physics, as this is beyond her Mathematics tutors skill sets. I am tutoring her as much as i can. English is my strong suit but Maths & beyond are not. Most of my Scientific knowledge comes from my personal research.


    (an email from my daughter)

    1. A ship is launched into the water down a ramp making an angle of 8° with the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction is µk = 0.06. What is the acceleration of the ship down the ramp?

    (How on earth do I do this because a = F/m and there's no m?)

    2. A 400. N crate has been delivered to Tim's driveway. In order to get it started moving toward his door, he has to push it with a horizontal force of 250. N, but as soon as it is moving, he can keep it moving with a constant speed by pushing with a 120. N force. What are the coefficients of static and kinetic friction of the crate and the driveway?

    (Okay, we have not been taught any of this in class.)

    3. You are trying to walk up a steep hill. The coefficient of friction is 0.62. What is the maximum inclination of the hill that you can walk up and not wall down.


    Most of this is over my head unfortunately. Does anyone have the time or inclination to assist my child in the Formulas required to work these questions out? Her teacher is inadequate himself. We need assistance to bridge the gap until Physics Tutes can be worked into my daughters already over full schedule.

    Many Thanks
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    Thread closed temporarily for Moderation...
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    Welcome to the PF, StrugglingMama.

    Unfortunately, the PF is not designed for the kind of help you are asking for. Please take a look at the PF rules link (under Info at the top of the page). You'll see that we require students to fill out the Homework Help Template when they start a new thread about a schoolwork problem. The HH Template contains sections for the Relevant Equations and the Attempt at a Solution. We do not provide tutorial help unless the student shows substantial effort on their schoolwork problem first.

    We have found that this approach helps students to "learn how to learn", rather than just being spoon-fed answers and techniques. But this will not help you out in your situation, since you would have to be doing a significant amount of studying and work in order to serve as the intermediary between the PF and your daughter.

    A much better solution would be for your daughter to join the PF herself, and post her questions one at a time in the Homework Help forums. She should fill out the HH Template as best as she can for each problem, including showing what she has tried so far. She should get good help here, as long as she follows the PF paradigm and rules.

    Hope that helps. Best of luck to both of you going forward! :smile:
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