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In general, an assistance dog, known as a service dog in the United States, is a dog trained to aid or assist an individual with a disability. Many are trained by an assistance dog organisation, or by their handler, often with the help of a professional trainer.

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  1. NeedFreedom

    I Gravity machine force calculations assistance needed

    Im prototyping a machine to lower liquid from a height using a chains and sprockets. Essentially liquid will fill at top, be lowered over a distance of 4.8 metres then emptied at bottom. The liquid needs to be lowered at a slow pace due to resistance on the output shaft, I am considering...
  2. TechmoUnity

    B Assistance finding the nuclear energy difference during nuclear fusion

    Hello! I have finished high school quite a few years ago. I did a physics course that went over nuclear fusion and fission, and I quite enjoyed it. However, I unfortunately no longer have those textbooks (I sold them on as many people do). Now I am doing a bit of programming in the field of...
  3. T

    MCNP: Critical Mass of UO2 (10% Enrichment)

    I wrote a program to determine the critical mass of uranium oxide with an enrichment of 10%. I got a keff approximately equal to 1 with the selected volume and density (attached a file). Is it possible to somehow run the program without writing the initial density and volume into the conditions...
  4. WMDhamnekar

    MHB Math Help Needed: Any Assistance Appreciated

    I am working on this question. Any math help, hint or even correct answer will be accepted.
  5. A2148

    Automotive Need assistance in Abaqus simulation

    I'm doing static analysis. I have already set up all the prerequisites, preprocessors such as material addition, sectioning, defining boundary conditions, and displacement. However, I'm not getting the results. Please suggest anything. Kindly find the attachment. regards
  6. O

    Gear Train Design Assistance

    Hello, I'm after some advice/ clarification on some gear train design. This may just be a simple clarification Requirements I have a lead screw which needs to be supplied power by a Motor. This Lead screw must have 140Nm Torque to raise and lower the load, and must turn at 200RPM. The motors I...
  7. G

    B Need assistance with an unusual quadratic solution method

    I have come across this strange method of solving degree 2 polynomials but I do not find the explanation provided to be very helpful. Here is the method description: "In the 16th century, mathematician Francois Viete solved quadratic equations by a unique substitution method. To solve an...
  8. R

    MHB Square feet calculations assistance

    Hi all :) Can't find an online calculator to properly do this. I know basic sqft - if I have a room that is 12x12, the sqftg is 144. Easy. But... I am retiling the shower in my bathroom. Three walls, and not the ceiling nor the floor. I need to speak sqft to the tile store. Two of the walls...
  9. pasomatt

    Assistance with Sound Wave Reduction/Amplification Experiment

    I was conducting an experiment with a tone generator (330 Hz) in boxes of different sizes with a glass plate placed on top of the box. There is a receiver about .55 meters away. Without any interference, the receiver registered -41 db +/- 1 db. When the tone generator is placed in the box and...
  10. BlueTempus

    ODE -> Transfer Function Assistance

    Homework Statement:: ODE -> Transfer Function Assistance Relevant Equations:: Newtonian physics, buoyancy, drag [Mentor Note -- thread moved to DE from the schoolwork forums, since it is for work and not schoolwork] Hello all, I'm new here but I'm looking for a bit of guidance with a...
  11. D

    MHB Requesting assistance for possible ANCOVA analysis

    I am interested in examining how restricting the range of motion at the ankle joint will affect the kinematics of a counter-movement vertical jump. I recruited 7 female and 6 male athletes that participate in jumping sports. I performed a motion analysis and determined their maximal jump height...
  12. D

    MHB Require assistance with possible multiple regression analysis

    I am interested in determining more efficient ways of determining individuals' body fat percentage. To do this, I measure the circumference of a number of segments (10 of them) of the body and determine the person's percentage body fat through underwater weighing. I have done this for 252 total...
  13. D

    MHB Require assistance with possible ANOVA use

    I have recorded the dominant hand strength from all of my participants. I have also recorded a number of anthropometric properties of my participants, including a measure of skin-fold adjusted forearm girth, with the intention of estimating the amount of musculature in the forearm. I have...
  14. D

    MHB Need assistance to decide with analysis to use for problem

    I am interested in examining how construction stilts affect walking patterns, and how experience with the stilts affects walking patterns. I recruited a group of expert construction stilt users, and a group of novice users and videoed their both walking on stilts and without stilts. I want to...
  15. C

    Assistance with a rock identification 2 (southwest part of the U.S.)

    Hello, Could I please get assistance with a rock identification. I came across this one in the southwest part of the U.S. While I see a lot of slag from old mines, this rock appears to be something different than slag. Besides, it was the only dark colored rock I came across that day. It also...
  16. C

    Assistance with a rock identification (found in the Southwestern US)

    Hello, Thanks for providing a forum where people can share their education/passion and help others. Speaking of helping out, could I please get some feedback on this rock I came across in the southwestern part of the U.S.? I picked it up because it didn't match anything else in the area. It sat...
  17. A

    In need of VFD/Inverter to motor assistance please

    Hi! I am currently trying to troubleshoot an Emerson M200 VFD that is running a 2HP motor that gets up to around 200rpm and then overloads and shuts off... so a little background for you. Motor specs are as follows: Speed: 1700 rpm Motor Power: 1.5kW Horse Power: 2 Motor Voltage: 230V Rated...
  18. A

    Admissions Financial assistance regarding PhD abroad

    (1) Can someone please give the information regarding admission to PhD(physics) specially cosmology in the European universities and admission only through interviews and research proposal is possible?? Listing some of them would be more beneficial. (2) And the rough estimate for the course fee...
  19. I

    Assistance with practical electromagnetism project

    Good afternoon, I am carrying out a practical magnetism project which involves 2 small (2mm x 2mm - 0.6kg) neodymium magnets attached together, and an electromagnet to create a push-pull force from below in order to part them. For those that also build model railway/railroads, this will be a...
  20. J

    MHB Troubleshooting (b), (c) & (e): Seeking Assistance

    I have some difficulties answering part (b), (c) and (e). Help is appreciated.
  21. J

    MHB Help with Part (a) & (b) of Question - Appreciate Assistance!

    Hello all, I have done part (a) of the question as attached and am not sure if they are correct. Would appreciate if you can help me to see. Next, I have no idea how I should do part (b). Greatly appreciate! Thanks in advance!
  22. L

    I Teacher needs maths assistance please

    I teach English at a university in China. I don't want any of my students to fail so I need to adjust exam marks. The exam marks range from 20 to 100. I want to adjust them so that the marks will range from 60 to 100, but I want to retain the proportional relationship between the marks. So for...
  23. T

    MHB Power Series Convergence Assistance

    The power series $$\sum_{n = 2}^\infty \frac{(n-1)(-1)^n}{n!}$$ converges to what number? So far, I've tried using the Ratio Test and the limit as n approaches infinity equals $0$. Also since $L<1$, the power series converges by the Ratio Test.
  24. Semidevilz

    Programs Assistance choosing an M.S. Statistics school

    I'm trying to get into a Masters program in Statistics, and below are a few that seemed interesting. I was wondering if anyone who has any feedback, experience, or heard anything on the programs. I"m already full time employed as an analyst, so I'm not getting it to start a new career. Rather, I...
  25. M

    MHB Need Help Solving x^2-x-4=0? Get Assistance Here!

    Hi, I am having trouble solving the following equation: x^2-x-4=0 I would really appreciate it if anyone could help.
  26. Tukhara

    LaTeX Learn LaTeX Basics: Download Links & Tutorials

    I have no clue how to use it. Can someone tell me in a basic way? Also provide links for downloading? Note, I haven't even downloaded it. I recently downloaded MikeTex but have no idea how to start this all out. I need this for writing a research paper.
  27. Jamison Lahman

    I Logical Operators Assistance

    While at university, we went over logical operators for our electronic circuits lab. There was one that depended on the previous value which fascinated my deeply, but for some reason I can't remember it. I only vaguely remember it so I apologize if I mess up what actually happened. From what I...
  28. D

    Chemist Needs Assistance with Flowmeters for Mixers

    I work in R&D for coatings and have a bit of a plumbing problem on my pilot coater. I've formulated a very reactive mix that, once mixed, increases in viscosity by 3000cP an hour. This makes it very difficult to get a constant roll of sample material to send to customers with the equipment...
  29. D

    Assistance needed writing a C program

    Homework Statement My task is to write a program that reads from the .txt file into a list which contains two parts, the part of the text from the file and a pointer to the next element. Here are the specifications of the problem: When reading from the file you should separate the letters from...
  30. T

    Physics Recent, Anxious College Graduate looking for Assistance

    Hello. I recently graduated from a large state school with a bachelor's in physics and a minor in nuclear engineering. I ended up with a solid GPA. I didn't really have a plan for myself all throughout college, which I regret now. I started off with the intention of going to grad school, but I...
  31. R

    I In gravitational assistance, does the mass matter?

    The spacecraft "Helios 2" (with 100 kg of mass) used the Sun to get a speed of 250.000 km/h using gravitational assistance, I want to know if the mass of the spacecraft influences the result of the speed. I mean, if the spacecraft mass 10.000 tons, the speed would be less of more?
  32. C

    Programs Which REU should I choose: Caltech or SULI?

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking awhile and reading other threads about REU acceptance, and realized this would be a great place to post my question, given that I really need insight from people who have done all of this before me. I'm in an odd situation. I was accepted into two...
  33. deepak tayade

    Meshing Volumes 1 & 2: Need Assistance!

    i want to Mesh volume1 of 0.250 X 0.180 X 0.005 (solid 45) and another volume2 of 0.050 X 0.020 X 0.005 (solid 5)placed at the centre & on top of volume 1... i m not able to mesh please assist...
  34. Unteroffizier

    B Need assistance with an idea

    Greetings! I do not know whether or not this is the correct location for my post. I also apologize in advance if my question seems too simple, nonsensical, or downright idiotic. I am only a high school 1st year, therefore I do not have much knowledge of anything significant. So, while watching...
  35. M

    Calculator (root) problem (Exam tomorrow) HP 10s assistance

    Homework Statement Hello, I have to use the HP 10s calculator at my university, I have been used to my modern casio for the last 4 years but I have a problem. The square root symbol when pressed does not allow for continual calculation, such as when I am using the quadratic formula. It seems to...
  36. R

    Remote Assistance Software

    Hello, I'm trying to find a way to allow people to send me remote assistance requests so I can control their computer but without having them first configure firewall rules on their end. The simplest solution seems to be to setup a vnc server on my end, configure my firewall rules appropriately...
  37. O

    SPIF formula interpretation assistance

    Hello, I'm trying to apply formula 30 as described on page 12 of this paper: https://lirias.kuleuven.be/bitstream/123456789/261102/1/IJAMT_journal_final.pdf However, the results I am getting when testing against the table of results on that same page for Al 2024 (Rm = 435 N/mm2) are off in my...
  38. M

    MHB Trig Assistance for CNC Machining/Engineering

    Trig help please! CNC Machining/Engineering
  39. U

    Looking for assistance on writing project

    I'm looking for assistance in designing an alien race, for lack for a better term. I'd like insights from people familiar with biology etc. Where is the best place to post such a question and follow up questions? Or is such a discussion entirely inappropriate for this forum? Thanks.
  40. K

    Need assistance with orbital dynamics questions

    Hello, I am currently writing a novel and there are quite a few situations that I would like to create that involve orbital dynamics. I would like to be as realistic as possible. I am seeking a knowledgeable person that can ballpark these problems. I do not think that it would take to much of...
  41. S

    American Yr 10 Physics in Australia....assistance needed

    Hi All. My name is Simone and i have joined for the purposes of correcting my personal educational inadequacies. I have an inadequacy in my formal education as i only went to Year 8 in Australia. I am struggling to help my daughter at the moment. My 16 year old daughter is stumped on some...
  42. I

    Refraction of Light question assistance needed

    As revision for my upcoming physics exam, I'm doing an old exam paper from a previous year of the course, for which the answers aren't published. However, I'm stuck on a basic angle of refraction question: "A light ray makes an angle of 35degrees to the surface of an oil layer. [A diagram is...
  43. B

    2015 Science Olympiad Assistance

    I am an aspiring Astrophysicist/Astronomer from Omaha, NE and I am competing in the National Science Olympiad in May. I would like to say I have relatively basic-mid level knowledge of the field in for a junior in high school, however I am unaware of the type of questions that will be asked (I...
  44. H

    Need Assistance with Force/Pressure Sensors

    Hey everyone - I am looking for individuals with thorough knowledge of force and/or pressure sensing technology (specifically piezo and/or QTC). I am a designer/inventor with a problem for which I am ill-equipped to solve on my own and could use some guidance. Please reply if you are well-versed...
  45. Randall

    Limit comparison test assistance needed please

    Homework Statement Use the limit comparison test to check for convergence or divergence: Sum from n=1 to infinity of ((2n)^2+5)^-3 Homework Equations let lim n to infinity of An/Bn = c 1) if 0<c<infinity then either both converge or both diverge 2) if c=0 and sum Bn converges, so does sum An...
  46. TheFerruccio

    Assistance with a very tough integral

    Homework Statement Evaluate the integral. Homework Equations $$\int{\arccos{\frac{a}{a+\alpha}}\sqrt{\frac{(a+\alpha)^2}{(a+\alpha)^2-x^2}}d(a+\alpha)}$$ For reference, this is the solution, but I do not know how to get here: $$\frac{a}{2}\ln{\frac{\xi+1}{\xi-1}}...
  47. S

    Battery school project assistance

    Hello everyone! I'm almost done with a project of mine and I'm creating a battery with an aluminum casing around. Inside I have a copper electrode (cathode) and due to lack of finding a correct dimension I have to resort to using a stainless steel anode (and I'm also running out of time) So I...
  48. P

    Require assistance in physics concepts

    I didn't know whether to post this here or the homework section. But because this isn't actually homework and there are no questions that require mathematical processes, I thought this would be a better place to post it. Feel free to redirect it to wherever it should belong. So quick backstory...
  49. Aristotle

    Need assistance in Physics question relevant to Torque & Static equlibrium

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Static equilibrium: Net force & net torque = 0 The Attempt at a Solution Am i doing this correctly for part a? [/B]