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The Journal of High Energy Physics is a peer-reviewed, open access scientific journal covering the field of high energy physics. It is published by Springer Science+Business Media on behalf of the International School for Advanced Studies. The journal is part of the SCOAP3 initiative.

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  1. S

    Electrical engineer

    I am an electrical engineer and I like to educate high school physics
  2. E

    Yes! Calculating Friction Coefficient

    Fg = m * g: Fg = 30 * 9.8 = 294 N Fnet = m * a: Fnet = 30 * 1.2 = 36 N Fax = Fnet + Ff: Fax = 36 + 10 = 46 Fa = Fax / cos(angle): Fa = 46 / cos(25) = 50.75 Fay = Fa * sin(angle): Fay = 50.76 * sin(25) = 21.45 Fn = Fg - Fay: Fn = 294 - 21.45 = 272.55 Ff = mu kinetic * Fn, solving for...
  3. Angetaire

    Solving Physics Problem with Angles and Trigonometry

    The correct solution uses angles and trigonometry. My solution is as following: - Suppose the forces exerted by friends 1 and 2 are F1 and F2 respectively. - There are no net force in the x-direction, so F(total x) = 0. - F(total y) = F1 + F2 - mg = 0 (initially). Rearranging gives g =...
  4. Eobardrush

    Why momentum of a ball bounced off a wall increases twice fold?

    Question 2a: It is really hard for me to get my head around this. The solution of this question mentions the momentum of the ball after it rebounds is 12kgms. My attempt at this solution is as follows Before collision Momentum of ball= mv= 2x3= 6 kgms and momentum of wall= 0 Therefore Total...
  5. S

    Intro Physics Books for high school physics E&M [No integrals]

    Can you recommend introductory physics book for high school that contains E & M ? It should not have any integrals.
  6. MichPod

    High School Physics online video courses and MOOCs?

    Hi Everybody, Could you please point me to some good video courses on Physics for the High School level and generally of the introductory level? What I could find meanwhile are: "How Things Work: An Introduction to Physics" from Coursera and "Intro to Physics" from Udacity. I am looking for...
  7. Candies2002

    It's my pleasure to meet you

    Hello everyone, I am so happy to find PF. I like physics very much. And I'm excited to talk about relevant knowledge! ٩(๑^o^๑)۶
  8. haushofer

    "Lesson study"-method applied to high school physics

    Dear all, for my education as a physics teacher (Dutch high school, ages 14-17) I have to make a didactical assignment. This assignment consists of applying the so-called "lesson study" method, see e.g. https://tdtrust.org/what-is-lesson-study https://www.uwlax.edu/sotl/lsp/index2.htm My...
  9. B

    Distance Velocity Graph: What Does the Area Represent?

    Summary: Gradient = Acceleration(?) Area = Time (?) Good evening, I have a problem that presents itself in a distance (y) velocity (x) graph. I've never come across this, and in my Physics textbook, the section dedicated to graphs does not have it. My question is, what does the area of the...
  10. bigbosswilly

    High school Physics - Simple Harmonic Motion

    I started off by finding when Fg=Fx: (72)(x)=(31)(9.8) x=4.2193m After this I'm stuck and have a few things I'm confused about: When the penguin's jumping, is there elastic energy? (because the rope's getting compressed? Or maybe not). Also, I know you can use energy conservation, but...
  11. K

    Intro Physics High School Physics and Math books for self-studying?

    I have had around 2 year gap after finishing high school. The last 2 years of high school (11th and 12th grade where calculus, coordinate geometry, straight lines, circles, vectors, functions, quadratics, polynomials, probability, permutation etc. are taught here) , I barely studied and some how...
  12. A

    Schools Trouble with high school physics, what should I do?

    I am a freshman in high school currently and I am taking physics, but for me it seems too difficult even though I think I have tried everything (Reading from the textbook, tutoring with the teacher, khan academy, studying a lot...) The teacher is not very good at teaching, not saying this as a...
  13. S

    B Is Radioactive Decay Truly Random?

    How can radioactive decay be random if we can calculate aproximately when it will happen . For example we know that an isotope will decay every 2 years by calculating the half life . Doesnt that mean that the decay is systematic rather than random because we can calculate when its guna happen ...
  14. C

    Building a Mousetrap Car for High School Physics Class

    I am in a high school physics class and have been recently assigned a mouse trap. We were given a mouse trap, that is all, and sent out on our own to create one. The requirements for this specific mousetrap car are to go forward 3 meters, then backwards 2 meters, and finally forward three meters...
  15. M

    B Understand Units: Physics for High School Graduating Students

    I am an student in physics department and I will graduate very soon.In my past four year I have done a good work and get a nice gpa.But as I get more and more familiar with advanced content such as quantum field theory,I become very comfusing about what I learn in my high school. Because I...
  16. Willow Wanda

    Schools Hey everybody - I need to pick a major for college applications

    Hello y'all! I'm a high school student and I'm looking for some advice:) I am very interested in physics, quantum mechanics in particular. I'm a bit of an overachiever, and I usually overthink everything. I come from a family of doctors, and although they don't pressure me into following in...
  17. Liam C

    Motion and Forces [High School]

    Homework Statement Mariana is volleying with Old Man Miller and returns one of his feeble tennis serves. He serves the ball such that it is moving at a speed of 35km/h [Forward] when she strikes the 0.060kg ball and sends it back over the net at a velocity of 55km/h[Backward]. a) If the ball...
  18. U

    Prepare for National Physics Olympiad in India: Tips for High School Students

    I am a new member here and decided to join Physics Forums to get help to prepare for Physics Olympiads. I am a high school sophomore. Going to be a junior soon. I have taken advanced Math classes via MIT OCW and the internet. I am also proficient with Mechanics, but nothing international...
  19. J

    Schools Take AP Physics C & 2? Senior Year Help

    Would it be a good idea to take both AP Physics C and AP Physics 2 in my senior year of high school (next year for me)? Does anyone have any experience with this and if so what was it like? Would I be biting off more than I can chew or should I go for it?
  20. Kate2018

    High School Physics Question -- Skateboarder Jumps & Conservation of Momentum

    Homework Statement Lee is riding on her 6 kg skateboard with a constant speed of 2 m/s. She jumps off of her skateboard and continues forward with a velocity of 4 m/s relative to the ground. This causes the skateboard to go flying forward with a speed of 18.5 m/s relative to the ground. What is...
  21. SuchBants

    Problem graphing Irradiance and distance experiment

    Homework Statement Used a solar cell and a ray box, altering the distance from the solar cell to the light source in 10cm increments. Did the usual high school experimental controls and repeats. Assuming that the voltage is proportional to the irradiance, I am meant to graph the results...
  22. R

    Roller coaster physics conceptual question

    Homework Statement For my high school physics class we made roller coasters out of card stock with various loops and funnels. We then had multiple questions to answer. I couldn't seem to figure this one out. Why does the power have to be found at the bottom of the loop? Explain in terms of...
  23. G

    Schools Is It Better to Take Grade 12 Physics in High School or Wait Until University?

    I am currently picking out my courses for grade 11 next year. I have the opportunity to take both grade 11 AP Physics 1 and grade 12 AP Physics 2 in the same year (semestered). If I do I won't have any physics courses in grade 12 instead I'll be taking grade 11 Pre-AP Chemistry and grade 12 AP...
  24. B

    Classical What High School Physics Textbook Complements Feynman Lectures Well?

    I have read that Feynman Lectures on Physics is pretty good; however, I also read it isn't a replacement for a good textbook. So I wanted a good physics(high school level) textbook that I could read Feynman Lectures on Physics along beside it. Regarding mathematics, I have completed Calculus I...
  25. B

    B High School Physics Presentation Ideas?”

    Hey guys, I'm in high school and we have to do a presentation on any physics topic we like. The teacher is just trying to assess our class as it is only the beginning of the school year. It has to be a minimum of 3 min and maximum of 5 min. Are there any topics that aren't too complicated, but...
  26. Dr. Courtney

    Schools Resources for High School Physics at Home - Comments

    Dr. Courtney submitted a new PF Insights post Resources for High School Physics at Home Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  27. D

    Angular Velocity and Acceleration

    Homework Statement If a bike wheel rotates 9.4 times while slowing down to a stop from an initial angular velocity of 8.1 rad/s, what is the magnitude of the angular acceleration in rad/s/s Homework Equations α = at / r α = ω / t α = Θ / t^2 ω = Θ / t ω = v / r Θ = ω t + 0.5 α t^2 v final = v...
  28. D

    Angular Velocity and Acceleration

    Homework Statement A car is traveling at 27.8 m/s, it undergoes a negative acceleration of 2.6 m/s/s when the brakes are applied. How many revolutions will the tires go through before the car comes to a stop if the wheels each have a radius of 1.0 m? Homework Equations α = at / r...
  29. H

    Kinematics in High School Physics: Reasons to Teach Equations

    So, my thread title was too long, here is the full title: Why should the kinematics equations be taught in a regular high school physics course? < Mentor Note -- thread title fixed (we can lengthen titles) > Let me explain my situation. I will teach physics in a different country next year...
  30. MuffinDyschezia

    Schools How and where do I catch up on high school physics?

    I'm new to this site. I don't know if this question even fits here, but here goes. So I want to learn physics, but my problem is I have very little to no knowledge on it. I am currently in 10th grade. I'm trying to understand what the teacher is talking about, but I'm having a very hard time. I...
  31. baustin

    I have a High school physics exam study guide? cant solve

    Homework Statement A car moving with an initial velocity of 25 m/sec north has a constant acceleration of 3 m/sec2 south. After 6 seconds its velocity will be? 7 m/sec north 7 m/sec south 43 m/sec north 20 m/sec north 20 m/sec south Homework Equations Im not sure, but X-Xo=0.5( V + Vo)...
  32. P

    Can High School Physics Teachers Teach Non-Empirical Concepts?

    Are high school physics teachers only allowed to teach physics that is strictly empirical?
  33. Paulthevgnerd

    Schools High School Physics Placement Advice

    I'm currently a Sophomore in High School taking Academic Chemistry and a Straight A student (except for a B+ in Spanish 3, atm), and since I want to pursue Physics as a career path, I really want to take AP Physics. I am only in Geometry right now, but I'm planning to take Algebra 2 over the...
  34. nmsurobert

    Teaching High School Physics: Navigating Certification and Curriculum Challenges

    I am looking for some advice. I have always been really interested in teaching at a high school level or community college level. I am kind of close to getting my BS. I have ten or eleven classes to go. But they're spread out over the next two years so I have two years to finish. I've done some...
  35. C

    Schools High School Physics: Catching Up and Going Further

    I have always had a keen interest for math and Physics, however I have never had much physics in school. I moved to different schools a lot, and therefore I never had anything else than F=ma and basic electric circuitry. Since my father is a math teacher, I have been able to go through Spivak...
  36. NeLLyFiZzLe

    Schools Do you need high school physics to study physics?

    I tried to keep the thread name as applicable to my question as possible. I'm sure this question has been asked before I apologise in advance I could not find the appropriate answer :) I did not do physics at high school as when I tried to change a sub to physics they told me I was too late...
  37. S

    American Yr 10 Physics in Australia....assistance needed

    Hi All. My name is Simone and i have joined for the purposes of correcting my personal educational inadequacies. I have an inadequacy in my formal education as i only went to Year 8 in Australia. I am struggling to help my daughter at the moment. My 16 year old daughter is stumped on some...
  38. K

    High school physics problem involving a spring slingshot

    Homework Statement For a grade 12 physics project we have to stretch a spring along an inclined plane and then let go so that it hits a target. I know the mass of the spring, the angle of the incline, the height of the incline (how high the front of the spring would be off the ground before...
  39. W

    Schools Free Online High School Physics Resources

    Hi, I'm an 8th grader (also called 2nd year hs here) who's really enthusiastic about physics. This is my first post, so I hope you're okay with me making some mistakes (I've been reading stuff on this forum for a while now, though). Physics is still 2 years ahead, and I've tried waiting but I...
  40. P

    Books to read for high school physics?

    I basically started learning physics 4 months ago. I want to cover the whole physics school curriculum in the next 9 months, as well as the important chemistry and maths. I want to be prepared to start a physics degree in 9 months. I have around 4 hours a day(approx) to devote to it. I want to...
  41. S

    Schools Upgrading my High School Physics mark

    Hi Physics Forum! This is my first post I enrolled in adult education for Pre-calculus 12 and Physics 12. My marks weren't too good coming out of high school because of personal reasons. Anyway, in terms of Pre-calculus I can do it with my eyes closed. But when it comes to physics all I can do...
  42. B

    High school physics forces help

    I'm trying to understand forces a bit more, but i have questions that I've been searching online for and can't find an answer. My questions: Question 1. is Fnet = ma? Because I'm doing some questions my teacher gave us and the explanations say to use F=ma, not Fnet. F and Fnet aren't the same...
  43. eifphysics

    Schools Recommendation for able high school physics students

    If you are a high school student, a physics buff, and enjoying independent study and exploring, here are some recommendation for you: 1. MIT classical mechanics and electromagnetism available in MIT OCW and edx. I recommend edx because it is better organized and contains review and exam section...
  44. T

    Is My Solution to the Grade 11 Physics Problem Correct?

    Find the acceleration of the system Ff= u(Fn) Fnet=ma I would just like to know if the way that I solved this problem is correct.
  45. G

    Schools Should I Take AP Physics 1 to Reaffirm My Understanding or Skip to AP Physics 2?

    Hey PF, I'm new to the forums and I want to ask you for some guidance. I'm currently in my junior year of high school and took honors physics last semester. I WAS planing on taking AP Physics B in my senior year, so I have a fair understanding of physics before going to college. But sadly AP...
  46. R

    High School Physics Competition: Change in Entropy

    During a physics competition, I came across this question. My work was \begin{align*}\Delta S &= \frac{Q}{T} \\ \Delta S &= \frac{1.25 \times 10^3 \, \mathrm{J}}{348 \, \mathrm{K}} \\ \Delta S &= 3.59 \,\,\mathrm{\left( J/K\right )} \end{align*} but I was stuck in between two answer choices...
  47. G

    High School Physics: Projectiles at Angles

    Homework Statement "A ball rolls off an incline plane. The speed of the ball is 22m/s and the plane is inclined at 32 degrees to the horizontal.If the incline is 9.0m above the ground, how far from the base of the incline will the ball hit the floor?" (The rounded answer is supposed to be...
  48. R

    Friction and Kinematics: Solving for Minimum Time on a Bridge

    Homework Statement A car starts from rest on half a kilometer long bridge. The coefficient of friction between the tyre and the road is 1.0. Show that one cannot drive through the bridge in less than 10 seconds. (Take g = 10 m/s2) Homework Equations Frictional force = μN Kinematic...