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Homework Help: Amount of starting material needed for Buffer

  1. Sep 11, 2008 #1
    given .1M of formic and .1M formate, how do you make 40 ml of .1M Buffer ph=2.9

    basically it's going to equal .141=[tex]\frac{base}{acid}[/tex] after going through henderson hasselbach

    Does anyone know how to do this using an ICE table?
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    ICE table is of no use here.

    You have two equations. Total volume:

    [tex]V_{base} + V_{acid} = 40[/tex]

    and ratio of concentrations (as given by Henderson-Hasselbalch equation):

    [tex]\frac {0.1*V_{base}} {V_{base} + V_{acid}} = 0.141 * \frac {0.1*V_{acid}} {V_{base} + V_{acid}} [/tex]

    Note that what I have put on both sides is just amount of substance divided by total volume, nothing fancy. Just solve.

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