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Writing: Input Wanted An Alternate to the Siberian Traps

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    Back home, the catalyst for the worst biotic catastrophe in the world, the Siberian Traps, don't have much left. 252 million years of erosion have reduced the igneous province to a pale shadow of its former self.

    From 60 to 43 million years ago (not 252), a series of flood basalt eruptions plagued the northern hemisphere, covering an estimated original area of eleven million square miles and a volume of four million cubic miles.


    40 million years of erosion would mean an altogether different Russian landscape, no doubt, but to what extent? Would we still see vast, singular bands of boreal forests and steppes, or would we expect to see Russia hosting a wider variety of habitats?
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    What is the book you are writing? Please tell us about it.
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    Is it necessary to quote the whole thread?

    It's for an alternate history textbook, but I won't focus on polishing the history until I have the Cause & Effect verified. I've created the Cause, but I don't know the Effect.

    Also, the title is "Alternate Siberian Traps", not "Alternate to the Siberian Traps". This unnecessary addition implies that it is inspired by something else and, considering its location, it is redundant.
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    I was just interested in what your story was about.
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    If that is all, then it is an alternate history textbook meant to be a blueprint to stories set in that world (in the same vein that our myths and fairy tales are set in our world.)

    Do you know the answer to the provided question?
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