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An article on a possible alternative to dark energy

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    An article on a possible alternative to dark energy. Time dilation and Lorentz transformations are discussed as an alternative to dark energy:


    "The accelerated expansion of the universe has been attributed to the effects of dark energy," Kipreos said. "However, there is no understanding of what dark energy is or why it has manifested only recently.
    "The predicted effects of time being faster in the past would have the effect of making the plot of supernovas become linear at all distances, which would imply that there is no acceleration in the expansion of the universe. In this scenario there would be no necessity to invoke the existence of dark energy."

    I thought it was interesting for discussion, hopefully not junk, if so I apologize.

    Happy new year!
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    Doug Huffman

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    PLOS ONE by a non-specialist geneticist. The Open Access URL was appreciated.
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    The reference given is to a paper published in PLOS One, which is an open access, pay to publish journal, and therefore cannot always be relied on for content that conforms to the PF guidelines. This particular paper does not; it contains some elementary misunderstandings of relativity and cosmological models. Thread locked.
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