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An Invitation to Mathematics: From Competitions to Research

  1. Aug 1, 2013 #1
    ''This Invitation to Mathematics consists of 14 contributions, many from the world's leading mathematicians, which introduce the readers to exciting aspects of current mathematical research. The contributions are as varied as the personalities of active mathematicians, but together they show mathematics as a rich and lively field of research. The contributions are written for interested students at the age of transition between high school and university who know high school mathematics and perhaps competition mathematics and who want to find out what current research mathematics is about. We hope that it will also be of interest to teachers or more advanced mathematicians who would like to learn about exciting aspects of mathematics outside of their own work or specialization. Together with a team of young ``test readers'', editors and authors have taken great care, through a substantial ``active editing'' process, to make the contributions understandable by the intended readership.''Amazon
    this book is very new,did anyone read it?is there any similarity with Mathematics: Its Content, Methods and Meaning (Dover Books on Mathematics)?
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    You can read a good deal of it via the Amazon preview. Looks pretty interesting. I would not compare it with Mathematics: Its Content, Methods, and Meaning except that they are both survey books. The latter is far more thorough (compare their page numbers!). The former seems like a collection of interesting articles to entice very bright, young students.
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    Good ,thanks!
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    I think this one is more like it:All You Wanted to Know about Mathematics but Were Afraid to Ask: Mathematics Applied to Science by Louis Lyons.
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