An issue to think about My new favorite Feynman interview.

In summary, the conversation discusses the idea that a more intensive learning approach, such as the one being advocated, may require a higher level of comfort with the material than the average teacher may possess. This is similar to the pressure students face in essay writing, where they must fit all their ideas into a strict format. The key is to identify the most important message and audience for effective communication.
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Totally agree with the point he is making. However, it is a much more intensive way of learning and probably requires a lot more comfort with the material than the average teacher has (that's just my gut instinct with respect to teachers in the US). I can think of a similar situation with essay writing. I remember the standard form for an essay in middle/high school was 5 paragraphs: 1 introductory paragraph with thesis statement, 3 body paragraphs, and 1 conclusion. So for everything you wanted to say you worked really hard to shoehorn into that form. The "find x" here is realizing what and to whom you want to communicate.

1. What is the main topic of the interview with Feynman?

The main topic of the interview is an issue that Feynman thinks is important for people to think about.

2. What makes this interview stand out from others with Feynman?

This interview is unique because Feynman shares his personal thoughts and opinions on a specific issue, rather than discussing his scientific work.

3. What is the significance of the issue discussed in the interview?

The issue discussed in the interview is significant because it challenges people to think critically and reflect on their actions and beliefs.

4. How does Feynman approach the topic in the interview?

Feynman approaches the topic with his characteristic curiosity and skepticism, sharing his own thoughts and encouraging others to question and explore their own ideas.

5. What can I learn from this interview with Feynman?

You can learn about Feynman's perspective on a thought-provoking issue and how he encourages critical thinking and open-mindedness. It may also inspire you to reflect on your own thoughts and beliefs.

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