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Analogy for the interconectedness of everything

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    An interesting idea. What if matter doesn't exist independently from empty space. What if it is a part of space. What if quantum entanglement isnt that amazing because its not two separate particles acting instantaneously with each other, its all one "thing". (I just listened to penrose explain nonlocality. Is that what Im talking about now?) Dr. David Bohm says that our human nature is to individualize everything, and that leads to flaws in our understanding of the universe as a whole. What if the space-time continuum is more like an everything continuum. What if reality is like the "enfolded" part of a hologram. Before the laser makes it 3D, every piece of the picture is on every part of the piece. So what if every part of the universe contains the information for the entire universe. Bohm says the universe is only "a pale shadow of a deeper order" and that every cubic centimeter of empty space has more energy than the total energy of all the matter in the universe. (Proven Fact. Source 1, 2, 3) To explain what I mean here is a prefect analogy Bohm uses when explaining what is basically the same concept.
    This analogy is from "Wholeness and the Implicate Order" by David Bohm. He is one of the major contributors to Holographic Principle right? The more I learn, the more it makes sense. The universe is like a black hole. Im convinced. Are you? What did you get out of Bohm's analogy. Any other good reading about Universal Universes? ha
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    This is considered a problem with our theories - one aspect of the cosmological constant problem - not a fact about reality. If this energy was actually there, then it should gravitate and the universe should be unable to expand.

    If you look carefully, you will notice that your references are something called "Yoga Journal"; a website about psychedelic culture; and the Wikipedia article "universe". Some of the concepts from physics that achieve notoriety because they blow people's minds do apply to reality. Some of these exciting concepts are bad philosophical guesses by certain physicists. And some of them are simply thought-experiments, obsolete ideas, or problems waiting to be solved. The "infinite energy in every point of space" is this last sort of idea.
    No, that was Gerard 't Hooft and Leonard Susskind. The holographic principle these days means that a quantum theory with gravity in it is equal to a quantum theory without gravity that exists on the boundary of space. See "AdS/CFT".

    Bohm did some brainstorming with the neuroscientist Karl Pribram (who I guess was to Bohm as Hameroff is to Penrose), and it seems Pribram talked about his own conception of the brain as holographic, and later used this to describe Bohm's implicate order.
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