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Angle of pilot wave through apperature?

  1. Aug 30, 2006 #1
    Can anyone help me with this. My understanding of pilot waves in Young's double slit experiments requires the angle of the wave to be perpendicular to the apperature. I don't have any problems understanding double slit experiments of this type but I am having problems understanding how diamond shaped versions of the experiment equate to the same pilot wave when the angle of incidence at all beam splitters is 45 degree (please help as I have obviously missed something during my study).

    PS, This is my first time in the forum, i'm probably not supposed to post stupid questions here so i'd appreciate someone telling me how to get to the help area (if this isn't it) as I couldn't find it in the short time available to me. Thanx.
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    Wow, the post from Anssih was perfect. Thanx.
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    Feel free to delete this thread now as Anssih provided the required material. Thanx.
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