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Angular Momentum Eigenvalues/Significance of QN l

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    Angular Momentum Eigenvalues/Significance of QN "l"

    So I am doing a research project in the mathematics department involving looking at the "p-norms" of the Spherical Harmonics. This gets messy pretty quick and involves some dense analysis and asymptotics.

    My Professor suggested we will be most interested in the cases where "l" is very, very large and m is either plus or minus l.

    So I'm tackling the mathematics as we speak but I just have a few physics questions:

    1.) What is the physical significance of a "large l" value? And what about m=l or m=-l?

    2.) I've heard that these p-norms give us the "concentrations" of the spherical harmonics. What exactly does this mean and what consequence could this have physically?

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