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Spherical harmonics and angular momentum operators

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    When solving for the spherical harmonic equations of the orbital angular momentum this textbook I'm reading..

    Does this mean that there must be a max value of Lz which is denoted by |ll>? Normally the ket would look like |lm>, and since m is maxed at m=l then |ll> is the ket consisting of the eigenvectors for the max values of the orbital angular momentum.

    Also how do we know the associated eigenvalues of Lz look like l h_bar?

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    Simon Bridge

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    It doesn;t matter - all they care about is that it is an eigenvector of Lz.

    ... because that is always what they look like - should have been covered earlier in the text.

    ##\renewcommand{\ket}[1]{| #1 \rangle}##

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    Yes, I did the derivation of the eigenvalues as well. Thanks for your help!
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    Simon Bridge

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    Well done!
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