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Animals and locality

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    Are there groupd of animals that are veryvery 'local' ? if another animanl lives in that local-breained comnity ? What will happern ? Will that animal die ?
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    In case you talk about human society, "local-minded" is chracterized and displayed by individuals. "Local-minded" will lead to discrimination, and insults, I have seen many many cases like this. Adaptation will help survival and natural selection will gradually eliminate some features that do not fit.
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    In ecology, organisms are said to occupy a niche, which is what you might describe as their place in an ecosystem, defined by what resources they require and are capable of utilising. If two animals occupy the same space and their niches overlap, i.e. they require any of the same resources, competition will occur. This could either be directly through fighting for space, nesting sites, food etc, or indirectly through gradual depletion of resources until their is a struggle to find enough. In this scenario, the organisms are forced from their "fundamental niche" (the whole range of conditions in which they can live) into what is called a "Realised niche", which is a narrower niche to which the organism is best adapted to survive. The competetive exclusion principle states that no two creatures can occupy the exact same nice for extended periods of time, and the best adapted one will survive, and the other may well die out. Organisms that aren't wiped out respond to this competition by evolving to fit a slightly different niche, for example if two species of bird occupy the same or similar niches, (say, fruit eaters,) they may gradually change to utilise different food sources, for example one may develop a longer bill to pick insects out of branches, and one may develop a stronger bill to crack open nuts and seeds, so the two no longer have to compete to the same extent and can more or less co-exist.
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    jim mcnamara

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    May be he means territory.....
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    You're probably right. Well, that's 10 minutes of my life thoroughly wasted. :rolleyes:
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