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Antimatter Engines and Electrical Engineering?

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Are there opportunities for EEs to be involved in research on antimatter engines? Considering antimatter engines are heavily based on magnetic principles, is it feasible to assume that antimatter engine design will be a subfield of EE? The gap between EE and theoretical physics is getting smaller.

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Are there opportunities for EEs to be involved in research on antimatter engines?
No. You are about one century too early.
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First you have to figure out how to produce antimatter in volume. Next you should consider how one might contain it. Finally, when those two problems are solved we can discuss what kind of engine it might be.

Perhaps you should first figure out how to stay alive and healthy for two centuries and THEN consider whether electrical engineering curricula are appropriate for designing anti-matter engines. :-)
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If I wanted someone to design an Ion Rocket (presumably what you mean when you write a plasma engine), I would still turn to a physicist first. There are aspects of controlling an ionized plasma that are not really well known among electrical engineers.

But an electrical engineer could design the driver circuitry...
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