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Any recommended texts in applied mathematics?

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    Hi all!
    I am a mechanical engineering major who want to pusue graduate study in applied mathematics.
    I am wondering if you guys could recommend me some outstanding self-learning textbooks in applied mathematics.
    I would not get much asstance from anyone, so the more the book is self-explaining the better it would be to me.
    Particular, I would like books on applied bifuracation theory or the mathematics in waves.

    Of course, if you have exceptionally good texts of other subjects to recommend, please kindly share with me. Thanks
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    You could try:

    Strogatz, S. H. 1994. Nonlinear dynamics and chaos: With applications to physics, biology, chemistry, and engineering. Reading, MA:

    or for more theoretical analyses:

    Kuznetsov, Yu.A.
    Elements of Applied Bifurcation Theory.
    Springer-Verlag, New York, 1995,1998, 2004
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    Bamberg & Stermberg, A course in mathematics for students of physics I & II
    Lebedev & Vorovich, Functional analysis in mechaics;
    Arnol'd, mathematical methods of classical mechanics;
    Horn & Johnson, Matrix Analysis;
    Wan, Introduction of the Calculus of Variations and its applications.
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    Strang's Introduction to Applied Mathematics is really interesting.
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