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Any tips about how I would go about building this simulation/model?

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    Any tips about how I would go about building this simulation/model???

    I'm interesting in building for my portfolio a full simulation of large-scale networks under various circumstances measuring efficiency/optimization using different parameters and algorithms.

    I current have a large business that is willing to let me model but I don't exactly know step by step how to go about this lol. I have several wiley books about simulation and I only know the basics (I'm studying applied math) but this is beyond me pretty much; however, I'm very passionate/dedicated to doing this.

    Anyone have any wisdom, intuition or vague idea of how I can go about this? Or point somewhere else? I would love to hear from anyone (especially possibly Chiro :) pretty familiar with IT/coding/project-management etc etc in general....

    Should I be looking for simulation software or should I build this from the ground up using c++? Is this the right forum to ask about this specialized project?

    Thank you for your time...
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    Re: Any tips about how I would go about building this simulation/model???

    Hey EntropicLove.

    Are you trying to simulate the situation of data throughput through a network much like you would have in a distributed system? Is it perhaps something like a telecommunications network where you wish to simulate network traffic with a noise model and encoding/decoding behaviour under certain parameters?

    It would help if you clarify this kind of information since each domain will have specific issues with regard to not only the software design, but the configuration front-end that you use to program it and pass data (if need be) to it as well.
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