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Anybody interested in starting a physics podcast with me?

  1. May 18, 2012 #1
    I am off for the summer from college and want to start a podcast with someone who is enthusiastic about the awesome universe that we live in. A good grasp on the subject will be great.

    Schedule doesn't matter much, neither does locality. We will Skype like most podcast networks.

    So, anybody up for it?
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    if the offer is still available, i would like to do a physics podcast
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    Yeah! How do I reach ya? Mod note: e-mail address removed
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    those 2 videos are very old now I have cool technology....
    I already have
    1.State of the art film technology
    2. USB podcaster with HD sound quality (studio Mic)
    3. Video effects technology and audio too...

    I am just waiting to buy Sony HDR TD 20ve Full HD camcorder to start my personal project for Physics Documentary!
    I have skills of using software both audio and video !

    What else one would need to start podcast.. ?
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    Please do not post personal information such as email addresses in this thread. You can always send them by PM.
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    i enjoy learning about the concepts in physics and talking, as well as arguing, about them with other people. A physics podcast sounds like an enjoyable activity that i could carry out in my spare time
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    Ok got it!
  9. Nov 1, 2012 #8
    Ok I would like to do it what about you?
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    This is more appropriate for your blog.
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    KiranKai turned out to be a sockpuppet of a crackpot.

    Sorry, he's not real.
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