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Medical Anyone ever taken any of these weird medications ?

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    Char. Limit

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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    I have taken Concerta. I am taking Concerta.

    It made me calmer, a good thing, because I couldn't concentrate until I started taking them. So... just what it was supposed to do!

    EDIT: Forgot the two side effects... I eat much less when I take the pill than when I don't (think about 1500 calories less), and if I accidentally take it at night, I literally can't sleep all night. Which sucks when you have school the next day, trust me.
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    Pretty typical for an amphetamine, which is why dextroamphetamine used to be marketed as a weight-loss supplement. I can't give advice online, but if that is a problem you've been having, may I suggest you speak to your doctor about a topical patch called Daytrana? It's Methylphenidate just as Ritalin and Concerta are, but it bypasses first-pass hepatic metabolism, and removing it rapidly causes plasma concentrations to fall: no sleepless nights. Some can have a topical reaction to it, but that's pretty rare.
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    That list covers everything from anti-depressants to anti-psychotics, and amphetamines used for ADHD, and everything in between. You would need to name a specific medication to know what it is prescribed for, and if it is off-label use or not.
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    That title implies a few negative things about these medications. Could you explain why you think they are "weird" and why you have the word "medications" in quotes - it implies you somehow don't think they are real.
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    Do you think so? I just took him to be young and unfamiliar with powerful psychotropics. I suppose I should be more cautious.
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    I know someone that was prescribed Klonopin for an anxiety disorder. It's fairly benign, but can cause some serious physical withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it.

    The bad part is that the person didn't have an anxiety disorder; they had an undiagnosed thyroid disorder. Now, while the thyroid disorder is finally being treated, the person is still addicted to Klonopin (why they don't do some gradual weaning off the drug, I don't really know).

    Generally, I think it's a good idea to be leary of drugs that just mask symptoms. As to why that's done varies. Some of the time, a doctor prescribes a drug as a temporary measure until they can determine the underlying problem, but the patient loses interest in pursuing the cause of the problems once the symptoms quit bothering them.

    In this particular case, the person went undiagnosed for years and years until their kid was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder and the doctor started asking if anyone else in the family had the same disorder since it was genetic. That's not unusual - in fact, I found out I was farsighted and that my eyes were different strengths during an eye exam for my son. People tend to worry a lot more about their kids' health than their own.
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    Klonopin, like all benzodiazapines is FAR from benign. They are massively abused, and "serious withdrawal" from high doses includes potentially lethal seizures. Remember, Clonazepam, Alprazolam, Diazapam, and other benzodiazapines are all highly addictive both physically and psychologically, and were developed as anti-seizure medications. Their use as anti-anxiolytics is secondary, and did I mention that people rapidly develop tolerance to these drugs?

    These are Schedule IV drugs (save for one Sched III) and by no means benign. They are powerful, and therefore useful, but as anti-anxiolytics, CBT has been shown to be nearly (sometimes more) effective in treating Anxiety Disorders, and Panic Disorder.

    These drugs provide nearly immediate relief from crushing anxiety, true, and think of how addictive that is alone! Hybrid therapies utilizing Gabapentin and antidepressants are more advisable, and less risky. They also cause somnolence, and all have a characteristic "rebound" during withdrawal which applies to both anxiety AND a lowered seizure threshold. Very dangerous, and very addictive, and too often given as a solution and not an emergency treatment, or last resort. Titration from these drugs is NOT easy, for the patient or the physician.

    Leery of, doesn't even begin to describe the professional stance on Benzodiazapines. I understand you're hardly cheering them on, but even someone as cautious as you seems to underestimate the danger of that class of drugs. Meanwhile the federal response punishes people who DO need them, and virtually ignores its use a party drug, or "fun" adjunct to Methadone therapy. I know plenty of doctors who won't prescribe them, period.
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    Char. Limit

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    Actually, I don't worry about either of the side effects... I've just noticed them. I no longer take a medication at night anymore, so I don't accidentally take a Concerta, and the eating less cuts down on school lunch costs.
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    Adderall (well not really, D-amphetamine for ADHD, Adderall is a racemic mixture) and Concerta for ADHD.

    Bupropion, Effexor, Zoloft for depression. (not at the same time of course)
    I've had 2 clinical depressions. It's relatively common to be comorbid with AD(H)D.

    Olanzapine (anti-psychotic) as one of my clinical depressions started turning into a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychotic_depression" [Broken]. (this was only briefly though, and mostly it seemed to put me to sleep).
    And Valium/Benzodiazepine briefly for coping with the anxiety spells that I was having then. Since the topic's been brought up, I'll just say that I was most certainly helped by them. If you're suffering from a paralyzing anxiety, it's wonderful to suddenly have it lifted, and be able to actually start dealing with matters (which helps improve your life and lessen the burden once they're not in effect). But on that same note, it also made the abuse potential pretty obvious.

    Quite the laundry list. But it did help me (not alone, of course. Like any drugs, psychiatric medications need to be combined with oversight and therapy).

    Psychiatric disorders are as 'real' as any other malady, they kill people. It's really about time we broke this stupid stigma surrounding them.
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    I'm truly sorry you had such a rough time; your list of medications reads like a roadmap of trying to find an effective therapy. I know from clinical, although not personal, experience just how terrible it is for people with major depression to try so many medications, and ones such as Effexor which can be painful to withdraw from.

    You sound like the kind of person drugs such as Xanax are perfect for, in limited applications, but then you clearly have a strong willingness to participate in the process and stick with it. That can be so hard for so many, when drug after drug fails to help. As for the anti-psychotic, often they can be used as short-term mood stabilizers and sleep-aids. After all, who wants to be awake for paralyzing depression with psychotic features anyway?!

    Given your awareness of that (undeserved) stigma, good on you for sharing your story.

    Char. Limit: Gotcha, that's good to hear. Weight loss (or rather appetite suppression) is hardly an unwelcome side effect for many, even if weight isn't an issue.
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    I took Wellbutrin for depression for a while, but I complained that it destroyed my ability to have an orgasm, so the shrink switched me over to Prozac. I can't remember if that had any noticeable side effects; if so, they were minor.
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    I'm on low dose Amitriptyline as a muscle relaxant for my back. I take it at night as it's supposed to help you get a good nights sleep. It's doing bugger all for my back though.
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    Crap, I had typed my post & all its links then the page didn't post it & claims I need to log in again & when I refreshed the page, the post area was blank again and my hours of effort were all GONE, no way to retrieve it. Is there any way to make a page remember your post when the page requires you to log in again? I spent a lot of time gathering reference links, etc, only to have hours of work instantly erased.

    Briefly, coz I'm not in the mood to spend hours repeating all my research, the statistics of a person developing a mental condition at some time in their lives is 1 in 5. It can happen to ANYONE.

    I suggest you do thorough research into these medications and what they do and how they work. You will discover they aren't "weird medications" at all. I don't know what you think is so weird about them or why you show skepticism in the quotes around the word "medications". These are drugs that had to pass rigorous FDA testing & prove effective just to get FDA approval to be used in human medicine.

    Interestingly, some mental conditions such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, etc are commonly seen in geniuses, high achievers, celebrities, and other very successful people.

    Science has recently discovered ADHD & genius are genetically linked.
    Ninety-eight percent of all greatly successful people have the ADHD gene.

    Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder link to genius
    article on discovery of genetic link between adhd & genius

    Below are links to lists of famous people and high achievers who had ADHD or other mental condition.
    http://www.mentaljokes.com/famous_manic.html [Broken]
    http://www.adhdstrategies.com/FamousPeopleWithADD.asp [Broken]
    http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/995380/adhd_famous_celebrities_with_adhd.html?cat=5 [Broken]
    http://www.add-adhd-help-center.com/newsletters/newsletter_30june03.htm [Broken]
    http://playbristol.org/static/uploads/1258550998-famou.pdf [Broken]
    re Einstein ADHD
    http://www.abc.net.au/rn/science/ockham/stories/s223949.htm [Broken]

    If you google for lists of famous people with disabilities, mental illnesses, etc, you will probably find many more.

    Where would this world be if it weren't for people like Einstein. Edison, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Steve Jobs, Alexander Graham Bell, Benjamin Franklin, the Wright brothers, Abraham Lincoln & many other people such as these, with conditions for which these "weird medications" were developed to help treat or manage?

    This list is excellent, with links to biographies of ADHD famous ppl.

    and I ended up spending almost 3 more hours redoing my post, gathering worthy links, etc.
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    Was there a point to this rant that in any way touched on the OP?
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    HAHAHA, and on whom were these studies conducted? Americans and/or Western Europeans only? ANYONE is a hell of an extrapolation, don't you think?

    Yes, FDA employees won't take just any payoff...the price has to be right.

    According to what definition of genius?

    LOL, there's a gene for ADHD now?

    LOL at retroactively diagnosing people.
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    He's just a crank, and he came here for his first post to be this. He or she is not in this for anything but propagating their pet theory, or some New Age "indigo children" flavor of ****.
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    I suggest you look at the information on some of the URLS given in my original post. Information at those sites will help answer your questions, which is why I posted those info source URLS in the first place.

    Other questions, such as definition of genius and the announcement of the discovery of the genetic link between genius and ADHD, can easily be answered via a simple google search, which is why I didn't go into all the details of those points.
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    I take Adderall and Ativan. Adderall was a life-changer for me. And I couldn't make it three days without Ativan (I'm pretty high strung).
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    Re: Anyone ever taken any of these weird "medications" ?

    Developed a severe anxiety disorder about 12 years ago, often resulting in a panic attacks so bad I had to go to the ER. This lasted for about 3 years. During this time I was on Xanax. During my panic attacks I was usually given Valium at the ER(no prescription) and continued the Xanax.

    For some reason unknown to anyone, my anxiety attacks completely stopped for 7 years. And I mean completely. No meds required.

    Then, the attacks came back about 3 years ago, with a vengeance. The worst panic attacks I have ever experienced. In one instance I had to pull over my car and call 911.
    In another instance my attack was so bad that, while in the ER, they actually had a 6-person cardiac "crash team" hovering around my bed, as my heart rate was explosively high and blood pressure very dangerously high. I was also experiencing severe chest pain and shaking violently.

    Anyway, they gave me 2mg of Ativan. That was the first time I had it. Within 40 minutes I felt completely normal.

    I am now on Buspar and a low dose of Ativan. So far, so good.
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