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Anyone have a good example of an ester

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    i need help on figuring out how to combine the compounds and make them an ester, in other words i need help with esters,
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    check this out, say i have isomyl and i make it react with acetate, how will it look and what do i do to combine them and how do i write them out
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    thanks man big time
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    I'm sure you already know plenty of examples of esters. Things that smell nice are a lot of times esters. Their carboxylic acid counterparts stink to high heaven though!!! A classic undergrad O chem experiment is taking something horrible like butyric acid and esterfying it to get something that smells nice.
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    Heh, we just did that lab in my ochem class. Unfortunately the product was an ugly solid that smelled 10 times as bad as the goat smelling caproic acid to begin with. Got to love when good labs go horribly wrong.
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