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Admissions Anyone have any luck applying to grad school for the Spring?

  1. Mar 19, 2016 #1
    In my current time frame for graduating I will be finishing in the Fall of next year. I'm scared because I know a lot of graduate programs don't take people starting in the Spring, so would it be better if I waited an extra semester, maybe take a graduate course or something?
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    Why? Is it because of your financial situation, or because you feel the need to do something productive in terms of education, or what?
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    A little of both but mostly the financial situation. Would you recommend going into the workforce or staying the extra?
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    I'm a senior in undergrad and I have two friends in that situation. They both tried unsuccessfully to find a full-time job - unless you're dishonest and don't tell a potential employer that you would only be with them for a few months, I'd say finding a full-time job would be hard.

    One friend stayed behind in the physics department and was a TA for quite a few courses - not the best money, but enough to get by.

    The other took one class and mostly did research.

    Honestly, it's up to you. You can get a job, or stay behind and take classes. If you can only afford to do the former, then there's no need discussing this.
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    Ah I see, so definitely a no on the trying to get into a program for the Spring? I'm getting that vibe from all these responses. I figured as much though, I might be able still get financial aid for that last semester so I might shoot for continuing my research/taking grad classes. Thank you.
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    It depends on the school.

    I think what tends to happen is that sometimes a program will have so many student positions open that they can support. They send out so many offers, but it's more-or-less a random process as to how many matriculate. In some cases the school ends up with vacant positions even after they go through the wait list. In those cases they will sometimes seek graduate students for winter or spring admission.

    I also think there are some schools that will also just generally accept graduate students for winter or spring admission.

    Another thing that may be of interest is that some schools will hire grad students early. They don't officially start until the fall, but they can get RA positions for the summer leading up to grad school - this gives the student some employment and an opportunity to get a jump on some research work.
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