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Anyone have experience working in/with Complex Systems?

  1. Oct 14, 2012 #1
    Complex systems is somewhat of a newer/emerging field. I can't do a good job characterizing it, but it is quite interdisciplinary and relies on heavy mathematical and computational modelling of various... well, systems that are complex. (Anything from ecosystems, to stock markets, to weather).

    I'm curious if any physics grad students have had encounters with this field? It seems like Santa Fe is leading the field, but they are not an actual grad school. There are some newer departments springing up here and there, however.

    My current BSc in physics is fairly computationally intense, most classes have programming components. I'm also a big interdisciplinarian when it comes to learning, so I think CS might be an interesting route to explore in a few years time.

    I'm curious if there are such things as "Complex Systems Scientists" or if this is just a field other specialties make an occasional foray into. Anybody that has experience with this field do share your knowledge, sorry if this post is vague, I'm really only just discovering it myself.
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    My school, Northeastern, has a fairly strong complex systems group, headed by Barabasi (one of the founders of the field). However, as a first year grad student, I'm too busy drowning in coursework to tell you much about the research done here.
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