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Anyone on PF involved in complex systems research?

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    Hi everyone! I have been perusing PF for some time, and what's struck me is how little discussion there has about research in complex systems & complexity, such as the research conducted in places like the Santa Fe Institute or the Center for the Study of Complex Systems at the University of Michigan.



    I'm curious if anyone here on PF (physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, biologists, economists, etc.) are involved in complex systems research. If so, could you provide a brief summary of the nature of your research? Thanks!
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    Not currently engaged in complex systems research, but I've gotten rather interested in the field in recent years.
    Simon DeDeo has a set of pretty good video lectures:
    Lecture 1: Coarse graining, renormalisation and universality
    Lecture 2: Effective theories for computational systems
    Lecture 3: Symmetry breaking and non-equilibrium systems

    For me, this kinda sums up what I find intriguing about complex systems - how different phenomena in different contexts and at different scales can be described within very similar frameworks, as well as how counter-intuitive collective behaviour can naturally emerge.
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