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Anyone know a NJ nuclear chemist/physicist

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    Hi! I teach 11th grade chemistry and 12th grade physics and I would be thrilled if a person that works with atoms could speak to my classes. I teach a private school in central NJ. Thanks
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    I would get in contact with a nearby college or university.
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    Thanks for your reply. How exactly would you go about finding someone that worked with atoms from a college?
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    Check the physics department faculty page of their website? Their contact information should be listed.
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    Somebody doing ion implantation, whether a physicist or material scientist/engineer would certainly be one who 'works' with atoms.

    For example, at Rutgers - http://lsm.rutgers.edu/

    At Princeton -
    or http://www.princeton.edu/physics/research/atomic-physics/

    or contact the physics department - http://www.princeton.edu/physics/index.xml
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